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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Your Perfect Women’s Packing List for Lisbon, Portugal [With Sustainable Picks!]

There’s a lot of pressure to pack well for Lisbon. That’s because every corner you turn down is ripe for a romantic photo of you. Whether it’s posing under the trees bursting with purple flowers, leaning against a pink or sherbet-orange wall, traipsing down a cobblestone street awash with a golden glow, or posing on the balcony of a 19th-century summer palace, you need to bring your fashion game.

At the same time, Lisbon is a very walkable city — more walkable than bikeable or taxi-able, even — so you’ll need to bring your walking shoes for those steep cobblestone stairs and hills that wind up through Old Town.

Some places you could shop ahead of time that would help you nail that Lisbon style are Klow (founded by two French women who live in Lisbon), Cortana (a brand from neighboring Spain),  Oh Seven Days (from Turkey), or Toast (a favorite from the UK). ADAY also offers a packable capsule with five of the items I list below. Or, save some room in your suitcase and go shopping when you arrive!

One more thing before we dive in: credit for this assortment goes to Tania Valle, a Portuguese image consultant and personal shopper based in Lisbon, who gave me recommendations for what to pack for spring in this fashionable city. If you want a shopping guide, hit her up! She’s a pro, and quite friendly and fun!

On the Plane or Train


Comfortable pants or leggings in natural fabric


Comfortable undies in natural fabric

Ankle socks – I like lightweight merino wool socks for long plane rides because they wick away sweat and odor. But you could also go with cotton ones.

Lightweight sneakers

Lightweight scarf


Fanny pack a.k.a. sling bag –  I like them for traveling because it’s handy to have my wallet and passport and phone strapped right to my chest, rather than in my backpack. Plus, they’re endlessly chic in Europe. Check out my roundup of hip bags.

Travel Wallet

Passport and passport case –  Pockets for vaccine cards and extra passport photos are crucial.

City-style daytime backpack

In Your Backpack

Phone and charging cord

Portable phone charging battery

Reusable water bottle

SPF chapstick

Camera and lenses, extra battery, battery charger, extra memory cards – Lisbon will bring out your artistic side, so be ready to take some beautiful photos! I use a conpact and easy Fujifilm mirrorless, with a wide-angle lens for landscape, architecture, and interior shots; and a 50 mm lens for portraits and food.

Matador camera bag and lens bag

Earbuds that can plug into the plane’s video console

Hand sanitizer

Portable spork – so you don’t have to use a disposable one. Make sure it’s plastic so it doesn’t get confiscated by security.

Reusable handkerchief 

Chico reusable bag with stuff sack 

Notebook or novel – For journaling or reading as your sip coffee at a cafe

My friend Florine takes a quiet moment.

In Your Suitcase

Another t-shirt

Button-down blouse 

Long blazer

Shirtdress or wrap dress

Midi skirt


Skinny belt – belt your scarf around your neck and waist, belt your jeans, or belt your dress

Rain jacket or trench

Brimmed hat  – It is so bright and sunny in Portugal, the light seems to reflect off every surface, including the cobblestones and walls and river and ocean.

Cotton tote – A straw bag would be ultra-chic, but it takes up a lot of space. A cotton tote folds up tiny but will hold a lot once you arrive, including your water bottle and little digital camera! I know you have a few lying around…

Thin belt  – For wrapping around your scarf or shirt dress. I especially like belting a scarf that’s draped around my neck for a sleek look.

Cute but comfortable sandals – You’ll be doing a lot of walking on cobblestone streets

More ankle socks

Underwear and bras

Jewelry – Along with your basic studs, pack a pair of fun dangly earrings and wrist bangles.

Turkish towel – Usually I recommend a sarong for my packing lists, but for Portugal, I would go for a Turkish towel. You can use it as a towel, or a picnic blanket when you take some fresh crusty bread and a tin of sardines to the park. Find beautiful artisan towels at MadeTrade.

Bathing suit – For frolicking in your hotel pool or the nearby ocean. If you like to surf, pack a surfing suit, too. Here’s my roundup of eco-friendly bathing suits.

Inside a famous trolley on yet another sunny day. Hats are crucial!


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