The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Do We Really Need More Sustainable Fashion Brands?

The Annual Brief by Kent Woman

Hi readers,

Some smart people at Slate discussed my article on why zero waste is a women thing. They definitely added some good perspective! Plus, when a radio show based in Utah asked me what I wanted to talk about, I suggested multilevel marketing companies. Because Utah is an epicenter for these things. Listen to my advice on how to protect yourself from losing money in direct sales.

Do we really need more eco-friendly fashion brands? (Probably not.)Fashionista

There are some really interesting statistics in this report on whether consumers actually care about sustainability in their products. For example, they care most about non-toxic products, and the least about organic products. Huh. Who knew. | Crestline

You know things are changing when a Vogue writer fangirls all over Eileen Fisher. |Vogue

I totally missed this ridiculously honest assessment by Maxine Bédat of New Standard Institute of how transparent and sustainable brands like Everlane and Reformation actually are. | Harpers Bazaar

Is your favorite brand greenwashing? Here’s a checklist to find out.Fast Company

The Marie Kondo Tidying Up craze has created a flood of clothing that nobody wants. | Slate

“No one cares if the garment fell apart after you’ve taken the picture, the likes and response of your audience is what you are chasing.” How Instagram changed the fashion industry. | Vice

Who are these zero-waste products for? |Vox 

“The plant is not a slave.” | Patagonia

Amazon destroys perfectly good products. Because money. | MSN

Maybe someday this blog will win an award? JK, my inner voice is telling me I’ll never be as good as this writer. | Everywhereist

Fashion companies are rethinking cashmere. (May I suggest alpaca?) | WSJ

Why doesn’t fashion pay a living wage? | Business of Fashion

Which is more eco-friendly: shopping online or buying it in person? | Ensia

There’s too much stuff on the internet to buy. (The good news is if you narrow it down to sustainably made items, your options slim down to one or two. Try it!) |  The Atlantic

At least big brands are talking about sustainability in their annual reports? | Vogue Business

Urban Outfitter announced that it would start renting clothes. Is this the year we’ll look back at and say fast fashion started dying? Let’s hope. | Business Insider

Last year, I went to an elephant sanctuary outside of Chiang Mai that purported to rescue elephants from being ridden by other tourists, so we could bathe them and feed them, like good tourists. But it’s very possible that the elephants went right back to the shitty riding “sanctuary” to be chained up when we were done.National Geographic

For My Entrepreneur Readers

I’ve known and respected Jessica, the founder of the ethical fashion sourcing agency Thr3efold, ever since she put on one of my favorite Fashion Revolution events two years ago. Now she has launched a suite of courses to help you level up your small fashion business! They include:

  • How to pitch the press
  • How to market your product
  • How to get your product in the right retailers
  • Succeeding at crowdfunding

Use the Code: ECOCULT for 20% off.

(Coupon good for one week, expires 6/14 at 9am EST. This is an affiliate link, so I get a portion of the sales when you sign up. As always, I only recommend things I believe in!)

If You’re Gonna Shop…

If you loved following my travels through India, you can do the same thing! The Indian founder of Agaati is putting together a sustainable textile tour of India, and you can get a discount if you buy one of her beautiful pieces. I would personally go for the voluminous fuschia dress, but that’s just me…

The eco underwear and bra brand Kent Woman is launching a circular organic cotton underwear subscription. (It’s the featured picture of this post.)

I’m really into these fashionable sweatshirts that are designed and made of organic cotton in Canada by the daughter of a sewer. Yes, fashionable sweatshirts. Go take a look.

Did you know that DoneGood, the plug-in that helps you shop better, now has its own online store?

These super-cute bathing suits are made with a plant-based neoprene!

Also, very cool, 100% recycled ponchos.

I’ve been really into the idea of waste fish leather later, as a replacement for exotic skins. This Brazilian brand gifted me a nifty little pirarucu skin purse and I’m here for it.

Do you remember when I visited a family weaving unit outside of Jaipur? Well, MATTER has launched a zero-waste coat made there.

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