Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

13 of the Best Ethical and Sustainable Sandals Brands

I used to have a million pairs of cheap, low-quality sandals in my closet that would be worn out after just one summer. I would have to buy new ones every. single. year. Since then, however, I’ve matured and I’ve found that part of living my best life is buying beautiful sandals that are comfortable and will last several summers. And there are now quite a few amazing brands making ethical and sustainable sandals that are not only high-quality, but beautiful and affordable too.

What to Look for in a Sustainable, Ethical Pair of Sandals

Quality and durability: A timeless pair of well-made sandals should last you a while—at least more than just one season! That means no flimsy straps that break apart while you’re on the dance floor at your cousin’s summer wedding. (Yep, that happened.)

Sustainably-sourced, natural materials: Look for materials like locally-sourced, vegetable-tanned leather; natural rubber; and recycled components. These kinds of materials are mostly renewable, biodegradable, much less taxing on the planet, and more often than not, they’re higher quality and more durable, too. Also, keep a sharp eye out for PVC. An extremely toxic plastic, it’s often used in sandals –– include luxury ones and even a couple brands below — because it’s the only way to get that clear vinyl upper strap. If you want that clear plastic look, you’ll have to either compromise on sustainability or leave it behind.

Fair wages and transparency: Making a high-quality shoe is an art. And the people who make them should be paid accordingly. Look for brands that are committed to paying their artisans living wages for their work, while also providing other benefits like healthcare and education. Not all of these companies are doing absolutely everything 100% ethically and sustainably — but they’re honest about that and are committed to improving.

Comfort: If you’re going to be frolicking around to farmer’s markets, networking events, and summer festivals, you might as well be comfortable, right? Of course, some sandals require two to three wears to break them in. But once they’ve molded to your feet, you’re set.

Timeless, Versatile Style: We’re pretty adamant about the fact that you can have a minimalist wardrobe without sacrificing your look. Most of the sandals below can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and can be kept and worn for years.

Here are our favorite brands for sustainable, ethically-made sandals for the spring and summer.


ABLE is a brand that invests in women by creating transformative opportunities for those overcoming addiction, homelessness, commercial sex work, and more. They make their leather shoes in Brazil and Peru. Their lowest wages are transparently published on their website in order to protect the women makers and empower consumers to make shopping decisions that positively impact workers.

Prices: $78 – $148



Everlane partners with the most ethical factories they can find around the globe in order to ensure the makers are being paid fairly while also providing the most affordable and transparent pricing for customers. You can even check out the exact factory where your sandals were made.

Prices: $50 – $155



The always sexy and fashion-forward shop makes sandals using eco-conscious materials and processes. You can find out how much CO2, water, and waste was saved on each product page.

Prices: $128 – $218


The Root Collective

Handcrafted by artisans in Guatemala, these made-to-order sandals are made out of natural leather and handwoven fabric. They partner with small, independent workshops in order to create the largest social impact and empower entire communities.

Prices: $98 – $108



Coclico is committed to slow fashion and transparent production. Their sandals are handmade in Spain from carefully sourced Italian leather and they partner with Native Energy to offset the carbon emissions used in production.

Prices: $150 – $365



Nisolo shoes are intentionally designed to be versatile and long-lasting. They are ethically made in Peru and Mexico, where all of the artisans earn fair wages, healthcare, and a healthy working environment. They also partner with Ecosphere+ to offset carbon emissions and protect forests in the Amazon.

Prices: $88 – $198

Accompany x Proud Mary

These sandals are handcrafted in Morocco using mostly just raffia and leather. Proud Mary partners with cooperatives, family-owned workshops, and individual artisans who are deeply talented, but may not have the resources to reach an audience wider than their village market. To date, the brand has worked with 30+ artisan-producing groups in over 10 countries, developing a fundamental understanding of the challenges artisans and producers face around the world, and how we can make a difference.

Price: $162


Pons Avarcas

Crafted from all-natural leather and recycled tires, Pons were originally designed to keep farmers’ feet dry, comfortable, and protected. They are ethically made by hand with sustainability and longevity in mind, with the raw materials sourced locally in Spain. You can read Alden’s full review of her Pons after traveling in them for a year here.

Prices: $85 – $105



Fauna curates from brands that care about the three P’s: People, Product, and Planet using criteria based on THE TEN Principles developed by the Textiles Environment Design Institute in London. The sandals pictured above are handmade in a small workshop out of old airplane tires and leather scraps that larger companies have left behind.

Prices: $99 – $189


Huma Blanco

Huma Blanco shoes are designed by Adriana Crocco, a third generation shoemaker and designer based in Lima, Peru. Alden actually visited this factory herself and saw the artisanship in person! They’re made from locally-sourced, natural Peruvian materials such as suede, alpaca, and calf hair, and colored with natural dyes.

Prices: $150 – $250



KYMA sandals are handmade in Greece out of vegetable-tanned leather and natural rubber. The soles are triple-layered for stability, comfort, and durability.

Prices: $170 – $180


Swahili Coast

These fair trade sandals are completely handmade by artisans in the Swahili Coast Cooperative in Tanzania that’s worker owned, worker managed, and worker financed. They’re made from all-natural Tanzanian leather.

Prices: $84 – $114


Salt + Umber

Each small batch, handmade Salt + Umber product is made with vegetable tanned leathers, scrap leather, and several of their shoes even have a near zero waste design. They use computer-generated shoe models to avoid creating excess waste through the sampling process, and all their shoes are easily resole-able to ensure a lifetime of wear. Salt + Umber uses only ethical SMETA-approved factories and integrates a micro loan initiative into their production process benefiting the rural Indian women hand weaving their shoes.

Prices: $78 – $108


Fortress of Inca

Fortress of Inca shoes are made by fairly-paid artisans in Peru out of ethically-sourced leather. They prioritize quality and craftsmanship by partnering with family-owned and operated factories and workshops and design their sandals to stand the test of time.

Prices: $200 – $240


Adelante Shoe Co.

With a made-to-order model that delivers you a personalized pair of sandals directly from Guatemala within 10 days, Adelante provides ethically made sandals out of high-quality leather. You can read more about your craftsmen and women on their website.

Price: $135



RAFA is a women’s luxury footwear collection designed and hand-crafted by a group of 20 artisans in Los Angeles, California. Born out of a need for smart and timeless design that transcends trends, RAFA is committed to the use of local craftsmanship combined with top quality materials to create a collection of accessible luxury footwear. All shoes are made using ecologically friendly materials and sustainable processes.

Prices: $300 – $400


St. Agni

St. Agni creates simple, luxurious, woven leather sandals with a minimalistic approach. Made in Australia, they minimize their environmental impact by working with locally farmed leather, re-usable packaging, and controlled production practices.

Prices: $89 – $249



Sometimes you don’t need anything stylish; you just need that basic flip flop to wear to the pool or boating. This B Corp certified company uses up-cycled tires for the soles and natural materials like organic canvas, banana leaves, and grass for the upper. All shoes are created by artisans in Indonesia.

Prices: $35 – $45

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