Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman


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If you’re a sustainable designer or small brand who wants my advice, then definitely check out my masterclass: How to Break into the U.S. Sustainable Fashion Market. It has everything I could possibly tell you wrapped up into five weeks of quizzes, videos, and instructionals.

If that’s not right for you, or you have answers after you finish the course that are specific to your brand, then you can sign up for a consultation through Clarity, which charges per minute for my time and expertise. In 20 to 30 minutes, I’ll answer all of your questions, point you to resources, link you to people in the industry that can help you, and leave with you clear next steps toward growing your business.

Get Covered by EcoCult?

EcoCult covers the topic of sustainable fashion, from a deeply researched angle. You can read more about what we cover and how in our style guide.

Know that our readers (and readers in general, quite honestly) tend to prefer thematic articles that include several brands. We very rarely write up full features on a particular brand, and when we do that, it’s to critique whether a large brand is truly sustainable and ethical or not.

So when pitching us, please be clear on what you are asking for. Do you want a sponsored post, inclusion in a roundup, inclusion in the shopping guide, or do you just want us to know that you exist? Let us know if you are in an affiliate program, such as Skimlinks, Share-a-Sale, or CJ Affiliates. Directing me to a large retailer who carries your items also works. We very rarely do product for posts, and we do not promote brands on social media.

Feeling confident about your pitch? Email our Partnerships Director, Abi, at [email protected]

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Advertising with EcoCult isn’t just about the numbers. It’s also about the engagement and quality of readership.

EcoCult readers are passionate about sustainable fashion. And when EcoCult recommends your business as a trustworthy, sustainable, ethical, effective, beautiful, or all-of-the-above business, they’ll want to get to know you better, spending quality time on your website.

"I had the pleasure of working with the amazing team behind EcoCult.... Their continued dedication to progressing the eco-ethical movement is highlighted through the time and energy they put into thoroughly researching every topic before writing. They were able to capture the true essence of what our company does in a way that showcased both the practicality of our platform and what we stand for as founders. EcoCult has always been our go-to source for everything ethical fashion and lifestyle related and after working with them we are so excited to explore more opportunities together!"
Priyanka Vasudev, Co-Founder, Kanekta

If you would like to learn more, download our Media Kit and email us at [email protected]

*I do not run pre-written content. 

Invite Alden to an event?

I love meeting new, passionate people! Let me know if you have something cool going on in NYC. If your event is elsewhere, let me know about your travel budget. I’m also available for speaking gigs and panel moderation. Email [email protected] with the details of your event.

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Are you a freelance writer who wants to write for EcoCult? Send your story idea and a link to your writing samples to [email protected] Pay is on a story-by-story basis. As our content is unbiased, we do not accept adverterials from businesses or writers who work for publications.

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