Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living


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EcoCult covers the topic of sustainable fashion and lifestyle products, with an emphasis on safe chemistry. EcoCult has two types of organic editorial: Deep Dives and Shopping Guides.

Our Shopping Guides rank products by sustainability, usefulness, quality, and aesthetics, and to include any downsides we think readers should know about. We want readers to quickly and easily choose the best product for them — because the most sustainable thing is to only buy it once and keep it for as long as possible! We do try to test the products that we are recommending. If you would like to send a sample to our shopping editors, please email them at [email protected]. We do not do product-for-posts. Alden’s independent journalism career precludes her from accepting gifts. While an affiliate program is not required to be featured in a shopping guide, should we be choosing between two equivalent brands, we will choose the one with the affiliate program.

For Deep Dives, we mention brands that are the best example of the theme we are explaining. That means brands that are the most sustainable, innovative, ethical, thoughtful, holistic, and transparent. You are welcome to share your innovative programs with [email protected]. However, we do not do organic brand features or articles based on press releases. If you would like guaranteed coverage of your product launch or program, please consider sponsoring a dedicated article, a relevant deep dive, or a newsletter.

Are You Accidentally Greenwashing?

EcoCult receives dozens of pitches every day from passionate fashion entrepreneurs. We turn many away because, if we’re honest, they need serious help with their sustainability story. Sorry, it’s true. Sometimes they’re quoting hopelessly outdated statistics. Sometimes they are driving customers away with depressing or confusing narratives. Sometimes they accidentally greenwash by conveying inaccurate information about their materials.

Sustainability communication for small brands is only going to become more fraught and confusing, as the European Union, the United Kingdom, Norway, and the United States all reassess and crack down on greenwashing from consumer product companies. Brands like Nike and H&M are also getting sued by customers who feel misled by sustainability marketing. In short, communicating poorly about your brand’s mission can expose you to litigation and fines.

We know sustainable fashion entrepreneurs are usually doing the best they can as they juggle many different hats: designer, production manager, sourcing agent, marketer, public relations, fulfillment and shipping, and more.

So rather than continue to turn passionate professionals away based on inaccurate pitches, we want to help you on your journey.

Introducing EcoCult Studio. 

We leverage the collective decades of skills and knowledge of our contributors and editors to help fashion entrepreneurs like you with your brand’s sustainability story. We bring clarity and vitality to your sustainable fashion, beauty, home, and travel communications, while protecting you against (accidental) greenwashing. First, we will assess your brand’s sustainability initiatives. Using interviews and critical analysis of your public communications and media reports, we will provide you with a report that includes:

  1. What your brand is doing well
  2. What is missing from your brand story
  3. What could potentially get your brand in trouble
  4. A review of all sustainability facts and stats to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date
  5. Ideas on how to talk about your brand in relation to environmental and health issues
  6. Trustworthy resources and readings to bring you up to speed on the latest in the sustainability scene

This report is done with all the rigor and clarity of the investigative journalism you see in the New York Times, Wired, and Vox. The difference is that it is completely private and only visible to you, and in service of helping you on your sustainability journey.

Find out what you’re missing or getting wrong…before the internet does. Email [email protected] to find out more about how EcoCult Studio can help you.

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EcoCult is a small team of part-time contractors. We meet digitally once a week for an hour, but otherwise, our team works independently. For time zone purposes, our team all resides in the Americas, Europe, or Africa. Our job openings are listed here.

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