Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

The Perfect Women’s Packing List for Vienna, Austria

This post contains some affiliate links, which means if you click through to buy something, I get a small percentage of that sale. I only recommend brands that I truly love and that are ethical and/or sustainable. 

Vienna is a beautiful, classical city, and as such, requires beautiful, classic clothing. Stylistically, it’s a whole world apart from gritty Berlin, or even its surrounding post-communist neighbors. It’s more like a cross between France, Italy, and Scandinavia. (I guess that’s because it culturally and geographically is in the center of these countries?)

While you’ll want to dress comfortably enough to walk around and see the sights, you’ll also want to be able to gain entry to a music performance held a baroque hall, or feel at home eating a dainty lunch at a café with a view of one of the dozens of ornate, gold-accented building. Think feminine, put-together, and ever-so-slightly conservative.

So, I’ve put together a packing list for a few days to a week in Vienna, complete with recommendations on where to buy sustainable versions. (And when you arrive, here’s where to shop for sustainable fashion.)

For the plane or train:

Fashion t-shirt – I really like the drape of Alternative Apparel’s organic cotton and recycled polyester t-shirt, and it comes in 6 neutral colors, or there’s the wide selection at Outerknown.

Comfortable trousers in a neutral color – I would warn against wearing leggings or sweatpants. If you really have a long plane or train ride, you could go for cashmere bottoms, but try ToastEileen FisherWhimsy & Row for trousers you can wear anywhere.

Wool ankle socks – I like lightweight wool socks for long plane rides, because they wick away sweat and odor.

White sneakersVejas are a popular option.

City backpack – I like these uber-Scandinavian backpacks, or Swiss minimalist ones.

Small cross-body purse – I like to have one for plane or train rides so I have easy access to my wallet, passport and phone. Bring a pretty one that you can take with you to the opera or a show, like ones from Behno, Stella McCartney, Ashya, Lovia, Danielle Sakry, and O My Bag.

In Your Suitcase

Blouse – go for something with an elegant drape, like from Toast, Harshman, or Hackwith.

Another t-shirt  – in black, white, grey. A.BCH or Kotn, have a lot to choose from.

1 black or navy blue-and-white striped shirt – Can’t go wrong with the French brand Saint James.

1 dressy tank – This should be sort of sexy, to bring your outfit from day to night. Try Reformation or Everlane.

Blazer – I like the ones from Maggie Marilyn or Oh Seven Days.

Day-to-night dress – check out my selection of sustainable dresses.

Below-the-knee skirt – Try Chinti & Parker, Suzanne Rae, Kowtow, or H&M.

Well-fitted jeans – Here’s my round-up of eco-friendly denim brands.

Comfortable heels – For going to an upscale performance. Just watch out for cobblestones! Here are some to choose from, and more.

Cute flats  – You can’t go wrong with ankle boots, sandals, or slides from ABLECoclicoNisolo, Huma Blanco, or Fortress of Inca.

Ankle socks

Thin belt  – For wrapping around your scarf or shirt dress. I especially like belting a scarf that’s draped around my neck for a sleek look.

Lightweight scarf – I like the ones at AccompanyLokah, Kaight, and Made Trade.

Underwear and bras – Here’s my guide to packing just enough eco undies and bras. 


Cotton tote – for wandering around during the day. I like packing one of these because it folds up small but it will fit everything you need for a day out, including a water bottle and small camera.

Travel umbrella

Jewelry – Go classic, with pretty hoops and studs and delicate necklaces. Here are my favorite eco-friendly fine jewelry brands.

Stylish athletic gear – If you decide you want to take one of the beautiful hikes outside of Vienna, pack an outfit for that!

If It’s Colder

Sweater – the Swedish brand Maska does sweaters really well.

Long wool coat – black or grey will suffice. Check out my roundup of winter coats.


Wool felt wide-brimmed hat or knit hat– there are some at Accompany, Saans and Of a Kind.

Warm scarf –  Filippa K has a great selection, Give Back Goods has some, Naadam does cashmere.

And of course, if the above brands and stores don’t satisfy your fashion desires, you can always go secondhand for an affordable and eco-friendly option! 

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