Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: Is Forever 21 Dying?

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I have a shameful secret to share: I have a lot of festival fashion. Blame it on Burning Man — those seven days of radical self-expression in the desert has led me down the garden path of buying a lot of fabulous festival fashion that I’ve only worn twice, maybe three times at the most. But I’m better than a lot of Burners, since I try to buy from artisan and local makers. In the weeks leading up to Burning Man, people buy a lot of cheap fashion off of the internet and at markets, and it’s painful to watch.

If you’re in NYC and planning on attending Burning Man — or you just have a lot of fun festival fashion to swap — then definitely grab a ticket to this huge Burning Man fashion swap happening at the end of the month at The Canvas, an experiential retail, swap shop, and event company focused on addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It’s put on by my Burning Man camp, Big Imagination, and will have an open bar, DJed music, and all the free fashion swapping you can handle. There will even be a couture corner put on by LITTLE GEM, a festival fashion resale site, where you can sell those one-of-a-kind pieces that are too precious to just throw in a pile for free. All proceeds go to supporting the on-playa experience created by Big Imagination and to supporting Canvas’s mission of addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Hope to see you there!

What to Know in Fashion

Indian garment workers were given mysterious pills to help with period pain, and their reproductive health has been severely affected. | Reuters

Adidas U.S., who relies on Black athletes to promote their products, has been accused of lacking diversity in the corporate office and doing nothing about it. | NY Times

Everyone’s crushing on Stella McCartney’s new recyclable sweatshirt… but really it shows the limitations of recycling technology. | Quartz

Maybe we should try reselling wearable jeans before immediately downcycling them into insulation? | Sourcing Journal

Amazon employees are agitating for climate action from the behemoth. | NY Times (If you want to participate in something better than Prime Days, try Better Days from DoneGood.)

Let the disinformation campaign begin. Diamond minders have solicited research claiming mined diamonds are lower carbon than lab-grown diamonds. | Vogue Business

How retail sites — including ThredUp — use deceptive “dark patterns” to get you to buy. | NY Times

Is the £1 bikini by Boohoo not the grossest thing you’ve ever beheld? | The Guardian

On the one hand, I hope Forever21 is dying. On the other hand, what if they’re just being out fast-fashioned by the likes of Boohoo? | Sourcing Journal

A men’s fashion journalist brings up the elephant in the room: almost none of these brands are backing up their sustainability claims with data.Wall Street Journal 

OMG, consumers are actually buying sustainable products! OK, but… this study just covers things like laundry, food, tissues, and cleaners. Simple grocery store brands. Not fashion, which is arguably many layers more complex, and many dollars more expensive. | Harvard Business Review

Norway is challenging H&M’s sustainability claims. | Tree Hugger

A really good breakdown of the clothing donation economy by Elizabeth L. Cline and the babes behind the upscale closet-to-closet rental site Tulerie. | mindbodygreen

Costco has quietly become a fast-fashion powerhouse. Blame the Boomers.Fast Company

Because 72% of millennials are buying less. | Sourcing Journal

Luxury resale is hot.Quartz

The range of salaries for these fabulous new jobs in the circular economy depresses me. | Vogue Business

Germans are so eco-conscious. So why do they love fast fashion so much? | Vogue Business

Plastic Watch

Forget about straws. We need to talk about nurdles. | Undark

A grocery store tried to shame its customers out of using plastic bags, and it backfired.  (So interesting that they’re doubling down on this strategy anyway. Sigh. | NPR

Beauty & Health

What does the latest research say about sunscreen and cancer? So confusing! | Undark

Big Ideas

The Sweetgreen-ification of society.The Margins 

Brands Doing Cool Things

I contributed to this Kickstarter for two of these collapsible bike helmets made of recycled ocean plastic.

Thr3efold has launched a coaching club for small ethical brands who are feeling a bit lost and who are wanting to level up.

Net-a-Porter has launched an entire portal dedicated to sustainable brands.

DoneGood is providing an antidote to Amazon’s Prime Days, with it’s Better Days campaign. There are discounts of 40 to 70% off from sustainable and ethical brands.

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