The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Did Nike Not Get the Plastic Beads Memo?

Hi readers,

It was a quiet week over here at EcoCult.  I traveled to Germany to participate in an expert workshop to future-cast sustainable fashion. It was cool the way they set it up: we were asked our opinions on various sustainable and ethical future scenarios, whether they would improve the industry, and what would help us get there, or potentially hold us back. Then we voted on each others opinions, and in each subsequent session, dove deeper into the pieces we found the most interesting or important. For the final session, I was paired up with a guy from B Corp Brazil, and we explored how a true circular economy and extended producer responsibility could come about. I’ll link you to the report so you can explore the results when it comes out in September.

I also was deep into planning my Burning Man fashion swap, which happened last night. Wow. When I said ready, set, swap, the surge of humanity into the racks of sparkly and colorful festival fashion was intense! I’ll post the photos when I get them back from our friend who photographed it.

We’ll be back to our regular programming next week. In the meantime, I interviewed a textile scientist on the science of “washless” clothing for Vox and now I’m more into merino wool clothing than ever. (But not so keen on nanosilver.)

Sustainable Fashion

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