H Fredriksson Cape

Here we are on a unseasonable warm fall day, and I’ve put on my H Fredriksson cape. I’ve got my Lacoste leather purse, that has been hanging out in my closet since high school graduation. Somehow, it feels fresh right now.

Ladylike, right? But when I take of the cape … BAM!

Clover Canyon top and Gudrun leather leggings

My Clover Canyon crop top goes nicely with these Gudrun & Gudrun lambskin leggings from Reve en Vert. The vegan shoes from Cri de Coeur are some of my favorites, because they have a low heel on a platform. I need the extra inches, but don’t need the pain on the ball of my foot.

(Is the leather leggings and vegan shoes combo confusing to you? My explanation: Why I Eat Meat and Buy Vegan Products.)

Ethical and eco-friendly leather leggings

Photo credits: Trevor Wilson