Everybody is talking about this feature on the never-to-be-topped, 80s club Area.

Researchers DNA tested a range of herbal supplements, and found that they were more diluted and adulterated than drugs bought at a music festival. Some pills had nothing but useless, powerfully-diuretic filler. 

Obama issued an executive order to prepare the United States for climate change. Fox called it a “sweeping takeover,” which … well, Fox.

In fashion news, professional badass Vivienne Westwood collaborated with LUSH on a “Climate Revolution” scarf while a coalition of companies, including Eileen Fisher, Patagonia and Lululemon, are pledging to protect the rain forest from logging. Because your see-through yoga pants could have been made from a logged rainforest tree.

The reason why many of us are fat could be heavy pesticide use in our grandparents’ time.

Will the “carbon bubble” be even worse than the housing or tech bubble? Better start divesting!

Good week for Citibike! Not only did it make it this far with no deaths, Brook Shields also dressed up as a Citibike for Halloween. She wins.

Have you been to Build It Green!NYC? It’s got some amazing stuff for your home. See for yourself with this tour by Trash Is for Tossers.