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Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Green Beauty Review: The 5 Best Non-Toxic Lipsticks

I’m a fan of a bold lip. And it turns out that you don’t need to pick up a conventional brand of paraben-filled lipstick in order to look fresh! Here are the five best tested-and-true, non-toxic lipsticks:

Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale lipstick review

Jane Iredale has never been a brand to shy away from color, and her lip colors are no exception. I also like the Pure Moist lipstick, but here I’m showing you here the Lip Fixation stain and gloss in Passion, which goes on slick and bright, then dries quickly so that you won’t leave it all over your coffee cup, with nothing but safe ingredients inside. (I had to kiss the paper immediately after applying to get it to show up.) When I’m really feeling like a power trip, I wear this. And when I’ve lost it, I’ve gone out and bought three replacements!


Ilia Lipstick Review

Ilia has a huge library of bold lip colors that is just so tempting! This is Voila, but I also like Neon Angel a lot. All cream lip products are housed in a sleek recycled aluminum case, and each product is filled with up to 85% bioactive organic ingredients. This goes on in a modern, matte finish and stays on nicely. Definitely a favorite!

Bite Beauty

Bite lipstick review

Bite Beauty lip colors are super rich and luxurious. I like this double-sided lipstick because a. I lose my lipsticks all the time so the slightly smaller size is welcome, and b. I get two colors! Each lipstick contains the Resveratrol equivalent of two glasses of red wine, which Bite claims reduces fine lines and wrinkles on and around the lip area over time. You can even get a custom color at their Soho store. Just be aware that this one is more prone to smear than the others, so I would recommend tucking it away during the summer, since it gets really soft and can break.

Alima Pure 

Alima pure lipstick review

Alima Pure’s colors are always ladylike and demure, and also super clean. The founder is the loveliest lady (I can say so having met her), who created clean makeup for her daughter, and has since built Alima into an authentic and beautiful brand. This lipstick goes on nourishing and luxe.

Au Naturale

Au Naturale lipstick review

Au Natural’s vegan lipstick nourishes with organic avocado oil, moisturizes with organic coca butter, and repairs skin health with organic macadamia nut oil. The color stays on for hours and hours, with a bit of shimmer. This saturated color only looks pale on the paper, because it doesn’t want to come off!

Tell me in the comments: What is your favorite non-toxic lipstick brand?

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