Indie Lee review

After recovering from a brain tumor in 2009, Indie Lee launched her line of non-toxic skincare items to address the need for chic and clean beauty products.

I was sent a few items to try,* the Rosehip Cleanser, COQ-10 Toner, and Squalane Facial Cream, and found that they integrated nicely into my routine. Each item has a traditional but subtle scent, and I felt that they were gentle to my skin. And to be honest, I like the way they look on my shelf. The branding is super chic, with weighty, frosted glass bottles and jars, and simple black lettering.

While I tried only three items, her range includes just about everything you need to completely replace your beauty routine: blemish lotion and stick, eye cream, clay mask, anti-aging serum and oil, moisturizing oils in several scents, and body lotions and oils. There’s no complication of routine, acclimatization to hippie scents, or foregoing of your cabinet staples required.

The wide range of skincare basics, pretty packaging, and comforting scents make this a great go-to for any gal who wants to overhaul her beauty routine, but keep it simple and familiar. And that was Lee’s goal: to promote health by making the switch easy.

*I got these for free for review