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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

What to Get Your Eco-Friendly Girlfriend or Wife for Valentine’s Day

Hey guys. I know Valentine’s Day can be nerve racking. Doubly so, when your partner refuses to support corporations that pollute or exploit workers. Remember how she reacted to that Victoria’s Secret teddy you got her last year? Let’s not let that happen again.

Instead, I’ve made it really freaking simple for you. I have a wide range of romantic Valentine’s Day gifts at all price points that most any girl would love. I’ve even told you in the caption of each exactly what to say to her when she opens it up. (Of course, you have to use your critical thinking skills. If your gf has never said, “Man, I really need to detox,” don’t buy her the facial steam detox kit and tell her that she’s always saying she needs to detox. That would be weird.)


Heart Stickers
“I know you said you didn’t want a Valentine’s Day gift because you think the holiday is too commercial, but I thought you would appreciate a little token of my love for you. Also, they’re made in the US, and a portion of the proceeds go to an environmental cause.”
Valentine's Day Card that donates to helping animals in need
“It’s handmade in the US, and a portion of the proceeds to goes to help animals in need. Because I know you’re an animal lover as well as a me lover.”
Scratch off Valentine's Day Card
“Because you’re always sending me digital kisses. It’s made in the U.S.”
Fortune Telling Valentine's Day Card
“Oh, look at that! Hmmmm …”

Tokens of Affection ($10+)

Valentine's Day Matchbox
“Because I know you prefer matches to plastic lighters for your candles. It’s handmade in the U.S. and a portion of the proceeds to go help animals in need.”
Sustainable wood heart earrings #valentinesday
“You’ve been so stressed lately, I thought you would appreciate that these are scented with sandalwood oil, to help you relax. They’re made from fallen branch of Sheoak wood from Australia.”
Dosha Balancing Organic Tea
“You’ve been saying you want to drink coffee less and do more yoga. This organic dosha-balancing tea is supposed to be naturally invigorating. Maybe we could share a cup …”
Turquoise heart stud earrings
“Since I know you care about supporting other women, I got you these earrings that donate a portion to supporting women’s causes. They’re handmade in the US!”
Birdseed feaders #valentinesday
“So you can hear birdsong outside your window.”
Fair Trade bracelet
“Hey, so I know you’re secretly obsessed with Lauren Conrad. This is from her Fair Trade site. It’s handmade in Guatemala.”
Fair Trade, organic, tea-infused chocolate
“It’s Fair Trade, organic, and made in California.”


Detox skin set
“You’re always saying how you need to detox. I thought this could help.”


Nice Little Gifts ($25+)

Botanical body oil // made in Brooklyn
“It’s made in Brooklyn of sustainably and ethically-sourced ingredients. You could use it alone or with me … just sayin’.”
Accomplish Amazing Things wish necklace
“I know you’re going to do amazing things this year.”
Moroccan Rose candle
It’s biodynamic and free of carcinogens and chemicals. The packaging is eco-friendly, too. Let’s light in and get romantic.”
xo wish necklace #valentinesday
“It’s made from recycled sterling silver dipped in gold.”
Peony candle
“I know you love peonies, but they’re not in season right now. So I got you this instead.” (Every girl loves peonies, trust me.)
Ilia and RGB non-toxic beauty set
“Both of the brands are non-toxic. I mean, you look beautiful no matter what …”
Vegetarian, local cookbook
“It’s a vegetarian, locally-sourced cookbook. I would love to help you cook up a recipe from it.”
Heart panties #valentinesday
“Well, I just love your butt! These are made in NYC’s garment district. Go try them on.”
"It's made by hand in New York City from organic and ethical ingredients."
“It’s made by hand in New York City from organic and ethical ingredients.”

So Much Love ($50+)

A Beautiful Life non-toxic perfume #valentinesday
“It’s non-toxic and made in the USA.”
Fair Trade luggage tag
“For all the traveling we’ll do together. It’s fairly made from vintage handmade Peruvian fabrics that are dyed using natural dyes from plants, flowers and seeds.”
Bath salts // made in Brooklyn
“You work so hard, I thought this could help you relax after a day at work. It’s made in Brooklyn.”
Handmade candle #valentinesday
“Something a little bit romantic. It’s handcrafted and eco-friendly.”
Crystal wine stopper #gift
“For all that wine you drink. Hey! No hitting. You know it’s true.”
Fairly made lingerie #valentinesday
“It’s made by single mothers in Colombia, who get an education through Naja’s program.”
Do Amazing Things bracelet
“Not like you need any encouragement, of course.”
Solid perfume in vintage container
It’s made in New York City from all plant-based ingredients. The compact is vintage and you can reuse it when you’re done.”
Enamel lockets
“I put a picture of us in there for you.”

It’s Getting Serious ($100+)

"These are handmade by an Indian artisan. Those are uncut diamonds."
“These are handmade by an Indian artisan. Those are uncut diamonds.”
Red lingerie #valentinesday
“It’s made in New York City.”
Lacy lingerine made in NYC
“I thought you deserved something really classy. It’s made in New York.”
Rose quartz and gold plated earrings
“It’s made by a female artisan in Afghanistan.”
Sexy lingerie
“Would you like to go see 50 Shades of Grey with me?”
Kayu clutch
“It’s from an eco-friendly brand called Kayu. It’s made all by hand by artisans, with natural materials.”
Crystal cuff
“It’s handmade in New York City by an up-and-coming designer. It’s unique, just like you.”
Melissa Joy Manning earrings
“The designer, Melissa Joy Manning, is supposed to be one of the most sustainable jewelry designers around. It’s recycled gold and rholodite crystal.”

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