With the New Year fast approaching, I decided to take a look back at what I wrote for 2017, and see what you loved. Obviously, I want to give you more of what you’re craving! There were some themes…

Y’all love roundups. Of course, because if you’re shopping for a bathing suit or wedding dress, you want to know your options. You are eager for more good information on fashion’s impact on the environment. My story questioning Tulum’s eco bonafides got passed around. And yet I think people are still visiting, because the packing list for Tulum is a winner as well. And then there was the lightning rod post about why I wear fur.

Are you a new reader or did you miss these stories? Here they are all gathered up for you:

1. 8 Places to Get Eco-Friendly Bedding, Sheets, Linens, Towels

There are plenty of companies to choose from these days. From cozy to classic, luxurious and basic, you’re covered. Plus, in this post I describe some terms that will help you choose the best sheets.

Eco-Friendly Bathing Suits

2. The 13 Sexiest Sustainable Bathing Suit Brands

A bit THANK YOU to Azura Bay for sponsoring this post, because y’all loved it! It started with just nine bikini brands, but I’ve been adding to it all year.

3. Now We Know! Fashion Is the 5th Most Polluting Industry, Equal to Livestock

Fashion is not the second most polluting industry on the planet, as is often apocryphally stated at the beginning of panels and articles. We finally got some hard data this year on its carbon emissions, water usage, and chemical usage. And I’m excited that a lot of people are reading and citing this article, because I am a fact nerd and that old fact needs to die. Speaking of facts that need to die…

4. 14 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Myths That Need to Die

If you donate to the “right” charity, some low-income person will gratefully wear our old clothes. But also, you old clothes are ruining the economies of Africa. Plus, onl privileged people can shop sustainably. And more things people say that just aren’t true. 

5. Trouble in Tulum’s Paradise

This was just going to be another fun and light destination guide. Then, things got dark. 

6. 10 Eco-Friendly Denim Brands That Don’t Poison the Water or Workers

The production of jeans takes place mostly outside the U.S., in Xintang, China, where the waterways are an unatural blue from the hazardous denim dyes and chemicals – mercury, cadmium, and lead, to name a few – that have leached out during the various stages of making a pair of the iconic American fashion statement. Mostly. Here are the exceptions.

7. Why I’m Giving Up on Mineral Sunscreen

Why do I get a sunburn whenever I put on non-toxic sunscreens? Maybe, it’s not me. Maybe I’m not a bad person. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the sunscreen. According to Consumer Reports, natural sunscreens (a.k.a. mineral sunscreens) that contain titanium dioxide and/or zinc as their active ingredients have consistently performed poorly compared to their conventional counterparts. Honest Company’s sunscreen has been dinged in a lawsuit and on social media for not doing shit. But, there’s more. Maybe my whole way of assessing non-toxic beauty products is wrong. 

8. The Perfect Packing List for Tulum, Mexico

My dear, do not trust those other packing lists you found when you Googled “packing list Tulum,”  the list of mini skirts and cardigans all from Forever 21 and other fast fashion companies. They embody everything I’m against –pollution, exploitation, cultural appropriation, sheer tackiness – all wrapped up in a pile of polyester beach coverups and sandals. Instead, dress like an eco goddess, and you’ll fit right in. 

9. Why I Wear Fur

As I read and researched and developed my position on the issues of meat and traditional craft and environmentalism, my mom’s old fur coat actually started coming out of my closet more and more. I became more confident in my informed decisions, and less swayed by what uninformed people think of me. know what I believe. To say this is a controversial stance would be an understatement. 

Recycled pineapple and silk dress by Rania

10. 5 Surefire Ways to Find Your Dream Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress. 

When I set out to find myself the perfect, sustainable and ethically made wedding dress, I thought it was just about finding an eco-friendly wedding dress designer I liked and picking out a favorite. It was not that simple. Instead, you need to get creative and thoughtful. Here are your options.