The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Will France Ban Brands From Throwing Out Unsold Clothes?

Hey readers!

I’m writing to you from Buenos Aires. On Saturday I make the harrowing journey across to hemispheres to Denmark for the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. It’s a grand gathering, and I’m already on a huge Instagram group chat with a bunch of other sustainable fashion enthusiasts about meeting up when we get there, and I feel an epic sustainable shopping trip coming on. After all, I need to switch out my wardrobe from Latin-American-artist-chic to European-minimalist-chic. If you have any tips or recommendations, please comment below!

Meanwhile, my influencer network, Ethical Writers & Creatives, got a lovely writeup in Glamour! And some of my favorite, most hardworking members were included.


France wants to ban fashion brands from trashing unsold clothing. | EcoTextile News

What could artisan fashion learn from craft beer’s success story? | The Atlantic

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Do not talk to me while I’m taking in nature. | FT Weekend via Blendle

Walking or biking to work doesn’t take as long as you would think. |  NY Times

East Timor is thinking about cultivating eco-tourism…but will tourism ruin its reefs? | NY Times

America’s urban trees are disappearing. | Pacific Standard


If large companies don’t watch out, indie “clean” beauty brands will eat their lunch. | Business of Fashion


Everyone is so into medicinal mushrooms right now. And not just the psychedelic ones. | Fast Company

Humanely killed fish tastes better. | Topic

Microplastics are not just in the oceans. | BBC

Big Ideas

People who believe in climate change are less likely to be eco-friendly in their actions? | Pacific Standard

What ecologists are learning from indigenous people. | Yale Environment 360 

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