The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: These Are the Countries That Are Worst for Garment Workers

Photo by Monique Pantel

Hello cult members!

I’m writing this at a table upstairs at the Ethical Fashion Show during Berlin Fashion Week! The Germans absolutely know how to do sustainable fashion. I’m discovering a bunch of European brands that I’m eager to share with you. Keep a look out for that later! I know I have some Euro readers, where you at? Please comment below!

Speaking of Europe, Beautycalypse included a link to one of my articles in her wonderful roundup of advice from Euro ethical bloggers on the topic of making your blog your business. There is some excellent advice in there!


This video made me smile so hard – now I want one of these coats! | Facebook

What will it take for millennials to actually buy sustainable fashion, instead of just saying they will? | Sourcing Journal

Food waste is going to take over the fashion industry. | Fast Company

These are the countries that are the worst for workers. | Sourcing Journal

Completely made-in-the-USA jeans might be a historical artifact, now that White Oak Mill is shutting down. | Sourcing Journal

This “100% Organic” t-shirt at Target is made of rayon and polyester. | Ecotextile

What about those hundred different fashion certifications? A new report questions them. | Sourcing Journal


What effect does the beauty industry have on the environment?i-D

…and on humans and children? | Racked


What’s up with activated charcoal as a food ingredient? | Here and There Collective

This fast-spreading tick could actually drop the U.S. carbon emissions in a really weird way. | NPR

With regulation lacking, locals are winning lawsuits against disgusting factory farms. | The Conversation

There’s a dark side to vertical farms. | Mother Jones

Pet food is very bad for the environment, but a vegan alternative doesn’t exist…yet. | The Guardian 

The history of American disposable-ism…from the perspective of a straw. | The Atlantic


My dear friend Teresa wrote an excellent article about my favorite female-owned and managed porn site. | Allure 


“Live like a local” has failed as a travel ethos. | Quartzy

I’ve recommended that travelers learn about how best to eat ethically and sustainably in a country by taking a food tour. Here are the best from all over the world. | Departures 

Can eco-tourism help save the ocean?Ocean Initiative

That Sucks

Use of public transportation is dropping. Why? | The Economist 

As you get older, you won’t be as enthusiastic about supporting the environment. | PS Mag

The recycling game is rigged against you. | Bloomberg

Which makes this advice seem sort of irrelevant, no? | NY Times

The ornithologist and the internet mob. (Come on everyone. This is not cool.) | NY Times

That’s Inspirational

This is the magic number of people you need to change social norms. | Fast Company

If you want to change a terrible policy, shame the policy, not the person. | PS Mag

These are the eco-artists making NYC green and beautiful. | The Cut

What is the Green New Deal? | Grist

Burning e-waste is a problem on the West Bank…but there’s a movement afoot to fix it. | Undark

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