Ombré panties that Monica had dyed as an example.

Ombré panties that Monica had dyed as an example.

Monica from the lingerie brand Uye Surana invited Elizabeth and I to her studio for an intimate little lingerie dying session a couple weeks ago. Of course, when I saw that I would get a pretty little pair of ombré panties out of the deal, I was doubly excited. Ombré panties! How chic!

(By the way, there’s a discount code for you at the bottom of this post!)

I’ve done an ombré dying session before, when I did my living room curtains. (Pictures coming eventually.) But that involved an hour of hoisting a heavy linen curtain up and down. Itty bitty delicates are much easier.

Well, sort of easy. Monica had her pot of bubbling dye set up and ready for us when we arrived, and gave us a quick demo. But my technique was a little off, and when I dipped my panties in the pink water my panties did not come out with a perfect, straight-across wash.

Hand-dyed ombré panties

Monica dying her panties like a pro. Looks nice, right?

Hand-dyed ombré panties

Me dying my panties a little more … artistically.




Still, they are so cute and pretty, I’m pleased as punch with them. Especially since they are made right here in NYC from a modal/spandex/cotton blend. I think I’m going to make them my “I’m not getting dressed today” panties that I wear around the apartment to tease my boyfriend on Sunday mornings.

Hand-dyed ombré panties

Elizabeth, me, and Monica with our drying panties.

Elizabeth, me, and Monica with our drying panties. (Thanks for sending over this photo, Elizabeth!)

You can get your own ombré panties in several different colors on Uye Surana‘s site. The good news that is Monica makes them to order, and she makes them with a deft, skilled hand that yields beautiful results. I did one in violet blossom, but they are also available in teal smoke and orchid smoke.

Oh, and Monica was nice enough to give EcoCult readers a special discount. ECOCULT1 gives you $5 off any color of the Ombre Cut-Out Brief through May 31st. This covers the shipping cost for orders in the US, and applies as a discount for international orders.

Ombre panties orchid

UPDATE: Wait! One more thing. When I went to pick up my finished panties, I spied this silk number and fell in love:

Uye Surana // made in NYC