Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Your Perfect (Sustainable) Women’s Packing List for Los Angeles

Chances are, if you're headed to Los Angeles, you're down with some form of eco-friendly living. Maybe you're going to enjoy some world-class vegan meals, go hiking, or indulge in some non-toxic beauty treatments. So when it comes to what to pack for your time in LA, do it in sustainable style, by bringing some ethical and eco clothing for your West Coast adventures.

First, a quick overview of LA style. LAers tend to gravitate toward the colors of the desert and the sunset. But Los Angeles isn't a monolithic group –– you have tribes ranging from laid-back surfers, to vintage hipsters that have a cowgirl-meets-1970s-flower-child vibe, to actresses with professional makeup and blow-outs. It all depends on what neighborhood you're in and who you're meeting up with. Personally, I'm a Brooklynite, and I tend to hang out with creatives and other New Yorkers who have recently moved to LA when I visit. So my style reflects that (and probably involves way too much black.) I've built this list is for someone who is just doing the basics –– if you're going to hang out with surfers, go on a hike, or go out to fancy clubs when you visit, add to this list accordingly!

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