The weather has been teasing us with short flickers of springtime: warm breezes, glowing sun, and winging birds other than pigeons.

I am against going shopping for spring clothing when I have to do so in faux fur hat and mittens–I don’t care what the stores say. But I think now it is finally the time to venture forth and give a little update to our wardrobes.

And I’m going to try to do the impossible. I’m going to try to build an entire spring wardrobe around eco-friendly items.

Fortunately, I’ve found that if you really dig, there is just enough. It took me a long time to pull together from all the inchoate brands, designers, and boutiques (hence why the blog has been so quiet lately), but I think the result is worth it: a lingua franca between those who care deeply about the environment, and those who care deeply about looking good. So get your credit card ready, I’m about to let you indulge in some guilt free shopping.

Click through the slideshow to peep my eco-friendly spring finds: