1. how to now you're a green new yorkerYou feel gratified when you see a homeless person fishing recyclables out of the trash.
  2. You love the subway system in theory, but cuss it out at least once a week.
  3. You get bike rage instead of road rage. ^!@&%* pedestrians!
  4. You’ve waited for more than 25 minutes in a line at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.
  5. You’ve suggested going to the farmer’s market “just for fun.”
  6. You’re on a first name basis with the cheese guy at the Greenmarket. (Also, you know it’s officially called Greenmarket.)
  7. You feel guilty every time you hail a cab.
  8. You’ve asked the Shake Shack guy where the burger meat is from.
  9. You’ve spent the past three weeks vigorously defending Citibike, even after you couldn’t dock your bike that one time.
  10. You supported the large soda ban, mainly because it wouldn’t affect you at all. Who drinks soda anymore, anyway?
  11. You also support the ban on smoking in public parks.
  12. You’re excited about city-wide composting.
  13. OK, admit it, you fucking love Bloomberg.
  14. (Though you wish he would ban plastic bags already.)
  15. You’ve gone to the Brooklyn Flea … six times.
  16. You’re really sad the New Amsterdam Market is getting shoved in favor of commercial development. Where will you get your foraged mushrooms and all-natural tinctures?
  17. You walk your compost to the Farmer’s Market–if you don’t already share composting with your neighbors.
  18. You’ve also seriously suggested to your roommate that you get worm composting right in the apartment.
  19. You noticed when NYC started accepting number 5 plastics for recycling. Before that you were walking your yogurt cups to Whole Foods.
  20. You’ve shopped at Kaight, and window shopped at ABC Home.
  21. You’ve tried growing herbs everywhere in your apartment: the fire escape, the windowsill, in the corner, even if you’ve killed them all.
  22. If you don’t already live in Brooklyn, you’re planning on moving there eventually.
  23. You’ll really have made it when you live in a LEED certified apartment building.
  24. Every time you meet someone who is visiting, you tell them they HAVE to go see the High Line.
  25. You’ve gotten pissed that the Bronx Zoo doesn’t have organic food.
  26. You’ve actually considered taking a pedi cab … until you found out the price.
  27. You have a reusable water bottle and reusable bag on you at all times.
  28. You turn into grumpy cat when you see someone buying a disposable water bottle. How could they not love our water? What an asshole.
  29. When someone asks you to go to Atlantic City, you’re like “Hell to the no.”
  30. You’ve gone on a yoga retreat at a farm.
  31. You take pleasure in sorting your plastics, glass and paper …
  32. Which is why you’re fine with fishing empty beer cans out of the trash your roommate put there.
  33. You keep trying to use natural drain cleaners, before giving up and buying Drano.
  34. You drink a lot of Sixpoint and Brooklyn Brewery beer, because it’s local.
  35. When you see a Slow Food Snail on a restaurant window, you do a u-turn and go inside to eat.
  36. You’ve juice cleansed through a chi-chi local delivery service.
  37. You’ve noticed that the Natural History Museum’s ecosystems exhibit includes pesticide spraying.
  38. You’re going to eat at Blue Hill (the upstate one) once before you die.
  39. You were at H&M the first day their Conscious Collection hit stores.
  40. You vigorously oppose fracking. No one messes with your perfect drinking water. Or beer.
  41. When NYC flooded after Hurricane Sandy, you were like, “Do you believe in global warming NOW?”