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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Review: Yoga Democracy Eco-Friendly Leggings Look Chic, Perform Beautifully

Readers, I’m about to talk about eco-friendly yoga clothes.

Earth shattering, right? But I’m not talking about the stereotypical, oatmeal-colored, wide-legged, hemp pants. I’m talking about chic yoga gear. The kind that – oops – inflates your ego on the way to yoga class because it’s so cute and flattering.

In fact, that’s what happens to me when I wear my Yoga Democracy leggings*. I was running down the stairs in my apartment building on the way to a dance workout class in Greenpoint and a neighbor called out, “I love your leggings!” as I passed.

Flat-looking belly courtesy of the roll-down, elastic-free waist.
Flat-looking belly courtesy of the roll-down, elastic-free waist. No makeup in these photos. It’s yoga, yo!

Yoga Democracy leggings are dyed in house using a low-energy, zero-water process called sublimation. (That’s important, since they’re dyed in Arizona, which is largely desert.) They recycle all the paper used in the process and donate 10% of their net profit to environmental causes worldwide.

The leggings (and cute matching tops) are sewn in California out of 78% recycled polyester material imported from environmentally responsible Italian manufacturers with excellent waste water treatment – each pair has around 12 former standard size water bottles in it.

Yoga Democracy leggings // made in America from recycled water bottles


I chose to try the full-length custom leggings, which go over your heels. They arrive super long, but are stitched in bands around the ankles so that you can cut them down to your size, which I did. They take a little bit of effort to get on, but the payoff – silky compression fabric that banishes jiggle and bumps, wicks sweat, and stays put during your workout – is worth it. The roll down waist means you can wear them the way you want them.Oh, and they’re tailored to prevent camel toe. That is important.

I wore them to dance class and to yoga and they performed wonderfully. I wholeheartedly recommend them, especially since Yoga Democracy promises to come out with new prints every season.

*The owner kindly sent me a pair to try for review.

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