I get a lot of skincare products to test. So many, that I can’t handle them all, and give them away to friends–with the stipulation they write up a review for EcoCult.

I tried MyChelle’s anti-aging skincare kit earlier this year and loved it. Then, gave the other set away to my nutritionist friend Lindsay, who was obsessed. Then, I gave away a bunch of samples to readers through EcoCult’s gift bags. The feedback was uniformly positive. No, glowing. Friends reported their skin was smooth as a baby’s. One girl said he dog always comes over to lick her face, it smells so good. My roommate was like, “That MyChelle stuff is AMAZEBALLS.” Clearly, it needed to win EcoCult’s Favorite Skincare Brand.

So now, I’m giving away another set to a reader! But you don’t need to write up a review. (Seriously, we have enough, ha.) Just enter through the Rafflecopter widget below!

(Full disclosure: Actually, no disclosure needed. I’m not getting paid a cent to be obsessed with this brand. Hmmm, maybe I should be?)

All/Combination Daily Basics Kit

The All/Combination Daily Basics Kit is perfect for anyone’s skin type. The Fruit Enzyme Cleanser gently provides a deep clean to uncover fresh, smooth skin. With a natural multi-fruit Alpha-Hydroxy Acids to unclog and purify pores and increase cellular turnover for a more youthful glow. The Perfect C Serum combines to provide the skin with a defense against aging. Utilizing 17% dose of clinically proven L-Ascrobic Acid to help strengthen collagen and improve skin’s texture. The final product, Pumpkin Renew Cream, is a lightweight, yet nourishing formula that blends antioxidant-rich Pumpkin Seed Oil with reparative Peptides to protect cellular health and maintain hydration. Include these three products in your daily routine, and you will be left with beautiful, hydrated and youthful looking skin.  

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