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So, you’re ready to overhaul your skincare regimen, but don’t know where to buy non-toxic beauty.

Maybe you’ve heard the news about pthlalates (endocrine disrupting, present in most people’s bodies, but more so in women’s bodies because of beauty products) and parabens (linked to breast cancer, and present in most people’s bodies), and you’re rightly freaked out. Perhaps you’ve heard that cosmetics and beauty products are more closely regulated in Europe, and that many ingredients banned in Europe are sold here with little to no oversight, and you wish you could ban those ingredients from your own bathroom.

Whatever the reason, I’m going to make it easy for you. Instead of going to the drugstore and trying to decipher the labels of beauty products to decide if they’re good for you, why don’t you just shop at beauty stores that do the curating and research for you? Here are eight places to go shopping with confidence.


A site for all things conscious, Rodale’s beauty section is well stocked with lovely, high-end things with perfect packaging. It’s a well curated selection (products are all tested by the staff), so you can shop with confidence. Some of the most covetable brands are on there, including Flynn & King, Fig & Yarrow, RMS Beauty, May Lindstrom, Elemental Herbs, W3LL People, COOLA Suncare, Suntegrity, Earth Tu Face, Antonym, and Kypris. Each product has a succinct but comprehensive description. You could replace your whole personal care regimen in one swoop – as long as your credit card limit is high enough.


Credo Beauty

Founded by a former Sephora executive, Credo Beauty exhaustively tests products to make sure they are both effective, and gorgeously packaged. (Read my review of Credo.) You can chat with a beauty expert, or ask them which product they would recommend as a replacement for your toxic (former) favorite in their Clean Beauty Swaps section. Watch video interviews with the brand founders, too. You really can’t go wrong, but I recommend you check out the brands Acure, Captain Blankenship, Forager Botanicals fragrances, Hana Skincare, Kari Gran skincare, Kypris skincare, Osmia Organics, Red Flower, and Stop the Water While Using Me.screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-12-47-34-pm

Nordstrom Natural Beauty


Launched in January of 2017, Nordstrom’s new natural beauty section (online and IRL) features products that are paraben-, sulfate-, and phthalate-free. Find the usuals like Herbivore Botanicals, Tata Harper, and Kypris, plus new faces like Youth to the People, Chantecaille, and Arcona.

Le Vert beauty review

Le Vert

For the beauty minimalist with high standards, Le Vert puts the emphasis on clean beauty that performs. It carries many brands I love, like Aila nail polishes, EcoBrow, Ilia lipsticks, Kahina skincare, One Love Organics, LURK fragrances, and Vapour Organic Beauty. Look through recommendations and reviews to find the perfect product for you.

Detox Market

Detox Market

The name say sit all. With one co-founder a breast cancer survivor, you can be sure this West C0ast store takes the purity of its ingredients seriously. And there is a lot to look through! You can find almost all the brands I’ve already mentioned, plus Cocovit, Kure Bazaar, and even detoxing foodstuffs like Taza Chocolate, Lov teas, Teatox, and Urban Moonshine, making it a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs.

CAP Beauty

CAP Beauty

With an NYC store and spa, plus an easy-to-navigate online presence, this store run by two women glams up the process of shopping for skincare. Find the cream of the creams, with brands like Indie Lee skincare, Kjaer Weis makeup,  Meow Meow Tweet soaps, Odacité skincare, Rahua hair care, S.W. Basics skincare, and Tata Harper skincare, each of which come with a brief description, and the owners’ favorites.


This Boston-based store also has a new outpost in NYC’s Soho, where you can refill your bottle with their naturally scented, non-toxic hand soap . But you can also find their vast and comprehensive selection of clean  and effective skincare and makeup products.


This San Francisco-based store likes to import little-known products from Europe, in order to capture some of that French skincare magic. (Read my whole review here.) My favorite brands on this site are Bottega Organica and Myhavtorn. But if all these foreign brands look inpenatrable, no worries. You can get samples or set up a private skin consultation in person or over Skype.


I absolutely recommend this brand for it’s well-developed collection of anti-aging and skincare products. Shop by product type or skin type, and build a comprehensive skincare regiment that is grounded in science.

juicebeautyJuice Beauty

With skincare and makeup, this effective and clean brand provides everything a modern girl needs to take care of her skin and feel great, without toxins, especially if you are struggling with acne or other skin ailments. Shop by product type, skin type, or collection.

Take Action!

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is trying to get legislation passed so that all beauty products are safe! Check them out for updates on legislation, petitions to sign, and other ways to get involved.