What's in my bag - Alden Wicker of EcoCult

What does a sustainable blogger throw in her bag? Well, the green life calls for a few special considerations:

– Non-toxic beauty products

– Reusable items

– Sustainably made objects

Here’s what you’re looking at, from the top left:

What's in my bag - Alden Wicker of EcoCult

Ethically made purse. By Bonastre.

A magazine. I always carry one with me for reading. While I know it’s not that sustainable for paper use reasons, I just can’t quit them! And I don’t want to buy an iPad. This one is the gorgeous new mag Sumzine, which covers sustainable fashion.

Vintage wallet, that I picked up at Artists and Fleas. I like my wallets bright and shiny, so I can find them in the bottom of my purse, on the dance floor (which has happened twice now), etc.

Cards. My indispensable unlimited Subway card, a card that gains me entry to an underground afterparty in Brooklyn, my New York I.D., and my Charles Schwab Visa, which I got because it doesn’t charge me fees when I swipe it overseas. Very important.

My iPhone. I love this case, which is made in the U.S. and designed by an L.A. artist. (Just be forewarned about Society6’s customer service!)

Sunglasses. These are by SOLO Eyewear.

Reusable water bottle. This one is by Life Factory.

Perfume sample, from Lurk natural fragrance.

A healthy snack. I like Emmy’s Macaroons the best for a filling, healthy, on-the-go snack.

Handkerchief. Which I use instead of a disposable pack of tissues.

Laptop and laptop case. For when I’m out and about and need to get work done. The laptop case is by Papernomad, covered in stickers from my favorite brands. (Here are some more ethical and sustainable laptop options.)

Lady stuff. Specifically, a Diva Cup inside a reusable pouch.

Earplugs. Cribbed from the Maritime Hotel, these are necessary for the dance parties I go to. Just in case this is confusing to you, ear plugs actually make the music sound better, by blocking out the people chatting around you, and protecting your ears. I’m planning on getting custom-fitted ones at some point.

Chapstick. I have so many chapsticks! A lot from Burt’s Bees, but this one is from Elemental Herbs. It’s certified organic, goes on smoother than Burt’s and smell lovely.

Condoms. Non-toxic ones from Sir Richard’s, with a one-for-one model!

What's in my bag closeup

Reusable bag. Chicobag really is the best. It stuffs easily into the attached bag and gets so tiny and easy to carry.

Canon cap. Because every time I use my camera the cap gets stuck in a pocket or my purse somewhere. I know I should put it back on right away but a lot of times I don’t. (Slap my wrist, please!)

Red lipstick, by Jane Iredale. This is the glossiest, most beautiful non-toxic lipstick on the market, in my opinion.

Hand lotion. Especially in these cold months! I like this Juice Beauty Green Apple hand cream because it comes with anti-aging ingredients and smells nifty. And you know even if you take care of your face, your hands will betray you.

Nail polish. I carry this with me in case I need a manicure and don’t have time to stop at a clean salon. I’m really into a dark color with a matte finish right now, accomplished with Butter London and Sheswai in Wine Snob.

External charger. As a blogger, I spend so much time on my phone, it inevitably goes dead in a half day. This charger from Tego Power holds more than two full charges, has two plugs so you can charge two phones at a time (you’re welcome, boyfriend) and makes everyone who sees it jealous. Definitely one of the best stocking stuffers I’ve ever gotten. (Thanks Mom!) I carry it and the cord in a small leather clutch that sustainable fashion expert Amy DuFault, of The Tailor Project, gave me–it’s made from the hood of an old leather jacket of hers.

Keys. To my apartment, bedroom, lockbox, mailbox, and bike lock, plus a swipe card for YogaWorks.

Cucumber facial wipes. By Yes to, with non-toxic ingredients and compostable , FSC-certified fabric.

What you won’t find:

A notebook or pen. I do all my note-taking in my Evernote app. All of it. It keeps me organized and saves paper.

Gum. I managed to quit chewing this sugary, addictive, waste-generating substance two years ago and haven’t looked back.

Earbuds. I like to know what’s going on around me when I’m outside of the apartment. It makes me feel more present and zen, surprisingly. And when I’m inside the apartment, I listen to Bowers & Wilkins headphones. They have excellent sound, are properly priced for their quality, and don’t break like Beats do. (Beats are busted–believe me, none of my DJ friends would be caught dead wearing them.)

Tylenol, aspirin, or any medical stuff. (Besides birth control when I’m sleeping over at my boyfriend’s) I’m a big believer in eating healthfully and drinking lots of water. If I get a headache, I down a glass of water and wait it out. Then again, I don’t get migraines and I’ve always been healthy, so there’s that.

Tell me in the comments! What do you carry in your purse? Do you like any of the same stuff that I do?