This might have been the first trip in which I arrived home, pulled everything out of my suitcase, and smiled. I had packed just right. (Well, save for one extra item. I’ll tell you what it is.) I had achieved a French Capsule Wardrobe.

The back story: the French heritage brand Saint James invited me to go on a trip to Normandy and learn about the culture of the region, plus tour their factory.* I will write another two posts talking about the slow lifestyle in Normandy, and how Saint James is made, but for now you need to know that I had to pack enough for five days of a high of 78 and a low of 65, the beach, doing walking tours, and nice dinners out. I needed outfit changes, layers, comfort, and style.

Luckily, I’m familiar with ze French style, having spent a total of four months over three trips, in Paris and the south of France. I also have continued to observe French style from afar, pining over their wardrobes as they pop up in Instagram, Pinterest, and fashion sites. The French like things simple, classic, and quality, with feminine, upscale touches. like things simple, classic, and quality, with feminine touches. I would venture to say I like French style better than the aggressively experimental and androgynous New York City style.

My Inspiration:

What to pack for a week trip to France: Capsule Wardrobe inspiration

What to pack for a week trip to France: Capsule Wardrobe inspirationWhat to pack for a week trip to France: Capsule Wardrobe inspiration

While I am so far from having a capsule wardrobe (too many good things in my closet! Don’t make me get rid of them!) I’ve been organizing it and getting familiar enough with my style that I can quickly assemble a capsule wardrobe in a matter of an hour. And that is exactly what I did.

I obtained the holy grail of packing: a rolling carry on with just enough.

12 pieces of clothing and 11 accessories. They mixed and matched for two comfortable yet chic airplane outfits, four days of walking and touring Normandy, and four dinners – and I could have easily gotten three more full days out of it! If I had access to a washing machine, I could have kept going indefinitely. And I even had enough room in my carry on to add gifts for my sister and nephew. Lots of gifts.

So, here is the perfect capsule wardrobe for a week in France. I’ve added in suggestions for where to get certain items. Everything listed is sustainable and/or ethically made. And it is heavily weighted toward French and European brands, so that you get a truly authentic French style. You’ll look so French, natives will be surprised when you open your mouth!

The Packing List:

1 slim grey sweater // Even though it was summer, the temperature dropped a bit at night down to below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also good to have a sweater for the plane. Try: Zady, Sezane, Everlane.

1 navy or cobalt blue-and-white striped shirt // The quintessential French look, no summer outfit would be complete without it. The most authentic French brand is Saint James, who knits and sews quality tops right in Normandy. They’ll even fix your shirt for you if it gets ripped or snags.

Alden Wicker // French Capsule Wardrobe

Saint James striped top, Meg skirt, The Sway leather jacket, American Apparel hat, Veja shoes

1-2 loose fit white, black, or grey t-shirt(s) // For the plane and day tripping. Try: IMBYPima DollUniforme, Emerson FryEverlaneBase RangeAmour Vert. (Not a French brand, despite the name, but very sustainable!)

1 pair black athleisure pants or leggings // For the plane. Try: M. Patmos, Ethica, IMBY, PACT.

1 pair black skinny jeans // Try: rag & bone, Kuyichi, Big Star.

1 white or blue button down // Endlessly versatile, you can wear it dressed up or dressed down, tucked in, tied up to make it a crop, or loose. Try: The French brands Valentine Gauthier, Saint JamesStudy NYSviluEverlane, Esby.

1 dressy black tank // This should be sort of sexy, to bring your outfit from day to night. Try:  Are You Am I.

1 pair classy black shorts // they fold up tiny, and what would a vacation be without shorts? Try: Animal Behavior.

Alden Wicker // EcoCult // Ethical French Style // Saint James Shirt, Meg skirt, Baggu bucket bag

Saint James top, Meg Skirt, Baggu bucket bag

1 mid-rise skirt, any color // Nice enough for a dinner, but casual enough to walk around in. Try: Valentine GauthierMeg, Honest By, People TreeChinti & Parker, Isabell de Hillerin.

1 day-to-night dress // For when you don’t have time to change in between walking around and dinner, or if you go to the beach, as a coverup. Try: Margu, Saint James, Emerson FryMadesmithChinti & Parker, Amour Vert, EverlanePeople Tree, Ethica.

1 pair distressed, loose fit blue jeans // wear them during the day with tennis shoes or sandals, then pair them with heels at your sexy tank for a night look. Try: Re/Done.


Are You Am I tank, vintage jeans, Sonya Kashmiri clutch


1 long t-shirt dress // For the plane, it’s a comfy, chic look that goes well with the leather jacket and haute tennis shoes. Try: Amour Vert.

1 leather motorcycle jacket // to wear to the airport, and out at night when the temperature drops. Try: The Sway.

7 pairs underwear // Try: Azura Bay, Base RangePACT, Naja, Brook There, Sloane and Tate, Only Hearts.

2 black bras, 1 nude bra, 1 nude convertible bra // Try: Azura Bay, Base RangeNaja, Brook There, Sloane and Tate, Only Hearts.

1 pair slide ons // To wear to the airport, or walking around during the day. Try: Coclico, Osborne, Nisolo, Swords-Smith, Zady, Everlane.


1 pair flat, camel, leather sandals. Try: Nisolo, Brother Vellies.

1 pair heels, either pointed toe or sandal // I brought both a pointed toe and sandal, but I could have made do with just one. Try: Sydney Brown, Crie de Coeur.

1 pair haute tennis shoes// For the plane, for walking around. Try: The French brand Veja. No other choice.

4 pairs of white ankle socks // Try: Farm to Feet, Patagonia.

1 camel bucket bag // for during the day and at night, it’s spacious enough for all the things you need, but small enough to keep you from looking like a tourist. Try: Baggu, Accompany, Danielle Sakry, Matt & Nat.


1 neutral clutch // For dinners out, preferably with a removable strap. Try: Sonya Kashmiri, Claire V., O My Bag, Of a Kind.

1 spacious but classy backpack // For the plane, for walking around during the day, for storing your camera. Try: Everlane, O My Bag, Accompany, Matt & Nat, Zady.

1 hat // For protecting against the sun and the rain. Make it foldable, so you can stick it in your suitcase. Try: American Apparel.

1 lightweight, large scarf, any color or pattern. // You know the French love scarfs. Wrap it around your neck if you’re cold, or drape it around your neck with the ends hanging down in the front and tie it with the belt. Make it a bright one for a pop of color! Try: Front Row Society, Conditions Apply, Beklina, A Peace Treaty.


1 skinny belt // to wrap around your day dress, and to tie over your scarf. Try: MadesmithCuyana, Kaight.

1 bathing suit // Try: CocoduneAzura Bay, AmaraGiejo, Mara Hoffman.

*Saint James financed this trip. As always, I only accept free items or experiences from brands I believe are doing good things.