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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: You’re Drinking Plastic Right Now

Hi readers! I’m back from my much-needed, two-week hiatus from the internet. Burning Man was out of this world incredible this year. (I’ll be sharing my ethically-made outfits next week.) I ran into Jovana Djuric, a sustainable jewelry designer, at a camp called 1001 Nights, and we spent some quality time together. I also got a foot massage, had my dream written down and put inside a little jar with playa dust, left a letter for another mystery Burner and picked one out myself from a chest, was fed fresh watermelon, discussed Israel and Middle East conflict with a Swiss-Armenian…and that was in a couple hours at one camp! Multiply that by a whole week and you might understand my overabundance of gratitude.

I shared my thoughts on Instagram, however, concerning the man who ran into the burning man, and why Burning Man can be really difficult. It has been for me in the past. Ironically, I saw Ingrid Goes West in Denver before I went offline. It’s a dark comedy about Instagram influencers, and it was disturbingly accurate. This article articulates my thoughts perfectly.

Before I left, I wrote this piece for Fast Company Ideas about how fashion is destroying the rainforest, which was published this week. But, there’s hope! Read it to find out why I’m optimistic. I also recorded this podcast interview on the subject of Conscious Consumerism, with Mrs. Green’s World. And Leah, over and StyleWise, for whom I have an abundance of respect, is also getting burnt out on sustainable perfectionism. I urge you to read her thoughts on the sustainable scene.

And here are some excellent articles I read while I was traveling to and from the Playa:


Everlane has launched super sustainable denim. | Fast Company

Will H&M’s new brand Arket’s transparency matter at all if consumers don’t understand it? | Quartz

Forever 21 is evil. Do. Not. Shop. There. | LA Times

Leather grown with biotechnology is almost here. | The Economist

Turns out Brilliant Earth is a scam. | The Next Web

Etsy artists love themselves some cultural appropriation. | Fashionista

The robots are coming for apparel workers, but it could positively impact the environment. | Fast Company

We need a lot more funding to address fashion waste. | The Conversation

These are the worst denim brands out there. | Alternet


Maybe don’t get a tattoo? | PLOS study


We’re drinking plastic, and the highest contamination (94%) is in the U.S. | The Guardian

We make waaaayyy too much bread. So much that charities don’t want it. | Eater


I actually loathe cruises just because they are the opposite experience to what I want out of travel (dropping Americans off at a port where they flood into shops made especially for cruise ship tourists, then getting back on a giant, floating casino/bar to go to the next port). But also, they also pour pollution into the air around ports and have greenwashed the heck out of that fact. | The Guardian 

Good News

Plastic bags are illegal in Kenya. | Quartz

The End of the World

Hurricane Harvey released 2 million pounds of pollutants into Houston’s floodwaters. That’s what happens when you ignore science and allow developers to run rampant with no regard for floodplains.

Fish think that plastic smells good and that’s why they eat it. | LA Times

The creative class actually ruined, not saved, cities. (Sorry.) | Jacobin

Trump will actually be quite successful at poisoning us.NY Times

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