The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Will Shoppers Ever Really Care About Sustainability?

Hola readers!

I have an article up on Racked today exploring how sustainable and sustainable-ish fashion brands can talk about their efforts to shoppers.

I also wrote something for the ethical fashion brand MATTER on what artistry has come to mean to me since traveling through Latin America.

I was also interviewed in Spanish again, this time by a lovely eco blogger from Buenos Aires. I’m always down for these interviews, because then a local shows me her favorite sustainable cafe!


Ask yourself what it would feel like to stop your clothing diet, to end the restrictions and ease up on the morality claims. Does it feel overwhelming? Does it make you feel out of control? | Style Wise 

The literally laziest and cheapest way to save the environment is to wash your clothes in cold water. It makes them last longer, too.Edie

A professional unboxer encounters slavery in his shoes. | The Current Daily


Hawaii is about to ban reef-killing sunscreens. (Don’t worry, avobenzone, in sunscreens like Coola, is still ok. Read more about mineral vs. regular sunscreens here.) | NPR

So. Is AirBnB good or bad?Green Suitcase Travel

Even if hotel chains want to go sustainable, guests don’t really get it. | Skift

Overtourism is way worse than I thought. Cities are getting desperate. | The Telegraph


Why are we so obsessed with almond milk?Refinery29

NYC is considering banning disposable plastic straws. | Gothamist


The big, fat, ethical, Royal Wedding. | EcoHub

That Sucks

They found plastic in the ocean’s deepest place. | National Geographic

This story explaining the plastic crisis is the best, most nuanced, smartest summary of the problem I’ve ever read.  And their interactive infographic is insane. National Geographic

U.S. landfills might be full in just 13 years. | The Outline

Why doesn’t anyone care about authenticity? Grab a glass of craft beer and buckle in, this one is a doozy. | Subpixel 

A woman discovered the greenhouse effect. But she never got credit, of course. | Quartz

That Is Amazing

These people inspire me. | NY Times

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