The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Wearing Gucci to Your Next Protest

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This week I wrote about my objections to sticking to Western “morally superior” diets when you travel, especially to developing countries, for Quartzy. Here’s what else I read in the world of sustainability:


As customers go for sneakers, there’s too much leather byproduct piling up. | Quartz

Gap, H&M, and Walmart have been dinged again for abuse and sexual assault in the factories that make their clothes. | The Guardian

Gucci launched a site devoted to environmentalism and social change, featuring pictures of well-clad protesters. | The Current Daily

Nearly half of all consumers feel overwhelmed by stuff. | Sourcing Journal

Add Cheap Monday to your sustainable denim list. | Sourcing Journal

ASOS is banning the sale of mohair, silk, feathers, and cashmere. It’s pretty clear what they’re doing – switching to cheap synthetics but making it sound like they’re doing it for the environment. | Vogue

So that begs the question: Is it unethical to wear Silk? | Quartz


This Twitter thread by an agricultural expert taught me so much about raising crops versus raising cattle. | @sarahtaber_bww

Is the Impossible Burger safe?Grubstreet


The next trend in travel is… don’t.Bright the Mag

That Sucks

Environmental racism is the new Jim Crow. | Atlantic

There are plastic fibers in Antarctica. | Quartz

That’s Amazing

Could this technology that turns CO2 into gasoline save us from climate change? | The Atlantic

I Support

Thr3efold is launching a platform for designers that will help them find and contract with an vetted ethical factory. They’re crowdfunding campaign is live. Go support! 

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