Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: ThredUp’s New ReMade Line Is Greenwashing

Hi readers,

I’m writing to you from Jaipur, India, land of artistry, textiles, and jewelry. If you are considering coming to India and you love ethical fashion (I assume that you do if you’re reading this), then Jaipur should be your first stop!

After here, we head to Delhi, then we think to Cambodia. I need more time to gather up contacts and resources before I’m ready to go to Dhaka, Bangladesh. What are your thoughts on a week in Cambodia? Please let me know in the comments!


Arket (sub brand of H&M) quietly launched a proof of concept of block chain supply chain tracking. | The Current Daily

Beware of cheap and fake Native American jewelry – it’s ruining the already flimsy finances of Native American artists. | Vox 

An organic t-shirt subscription service just got $2.8 million in funding. | TechCrunch

How to become a fashion activist, featuring the amazing Céline Semaan. | The Frontlash

ThredUp’s new Remade line is super greenwash-y.Style Wise 

Tips from professional stylists to quit your toxic dry cleaner. The vodka-on-cocktail-dress tip is genius! | The Front 

One of the influencers from the Stacey Dooley documentary did a Youtube video on sustainable shopping. | Niomi Smart

This article makes the case that Uniqlo is inherently sustainable because of their design’s simplicity and timelessness. The author doesn’t elaborate on sustainability at the end, but it’s an interesting point. What do you think? | Edited

Why brands love making new clothes out of old plastic bottles. | Vox 

Health & Beauty

Hey, so the CBD industry is completely and utterly unregulated. Beware. | Vox 

I grew up on well water (and a farm), and I honestly believe my immune system is better as a result. But, we got our well water tested often. If you’re on well water, get yours tested too!NY Times


How to spot the difference between a real tradition and a performance for tourists. | World Nomads

No more conference swag! Does anyone even like that stuff? | Fast Company

We waffled back and forth for weeks on whether to visit Goa. By the time we decided we wanted to go, it was too late. It is commercialized, but there are some eco-friendly gems in Goa, it turns out! | Soul Travel Blog 

Plastic Watch

A bunch of huge fashion and consumer goods companies pledged to do something about the plastic waste they generate. It’s a start, but until they remove their opposition to bottle deposit systems and Extended Producer Responsibility, it won’t be enough. | Green Biz

We won’t save the earth with a better kind of disposable coffee cup. | The Guardian

Climate Change

Two-thirds of earth’s animals have died off since 1970. | Washington Post

I’ll admit, I can be a bus hater. But it really depends on how well the bus system is! In NYC and India, nope. In Buenos Aires and Quito, the bus systems are amazing. Here are some things U.S. cities are doing to make taking the bus palatable. | Vox 

Take Action

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