The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Here Are My Thoughts on Vegan Fashion

These goats live on a ranch in Inner Mongolia, which has long been a center for cultivating fine cashmere. The ranch is owned and operated by a factory that makes sweaters for Siizu, one of hundreds of new eco-fashion brands that have sprung up in the last decade. photo courtesy of Siizu

Hi readers!

I’m very excited that this article on my frustrations with vegan fashion is out. First, because I worked really hard on it and the editor was great to work with. Second, because now whenever I get snide comments, I can direct those commenters straight to this.

But I surely do believe in organic fashion, and was honored to be a contributor to this documentary-style video by Kate Arnell of EcoBoost on why organic textiles are so important! 

Preorders are open for the next zine by Fashion Revolutions (of #whomademyclothes fame)! I wrote the introduction, and judging from the fact-checking questions I’ve been getting and the list of contributors, the content is going to be top quality. Order yours today!


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Beauty & Health

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End Times

I REALLY needed to read this.Grist

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