The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: The Surprisingly Awesome Botswana Diamond Industry

Hey readers,

it’s been an exciting couple of weeks! First, after two years of work, my article detailing the future of cotton is up on Craftsmanship Quarterly. The synopsis: all this cotton recycling technology is super exciting… but what will happen to the farmers?

I offered a proposal for The Cut readers on what to do about fashion week. And Vogue Business asked me to probe the trend of brand-led sustainability hackathons. Are they actually effective, or all hype?

I also finished Dan Minter’s book Secondhand, and holy cow. You must read it. He’s not sentimental about things the way many eco-fashion writers are, and I appreciate that so much.

Fashion News

France is on a roll! They’re thinking about requiring microfiber filters on all washing machines and requiring environmental ratings on apparel. | Apparel Insider, Ecotextile News

Fashion brands should be forced to provide repair services for your clothing. | The Independent

Amid the climate crisis, fashion is rethinking the runway show. | Vogue Business

The most sustainable idea in fashion is personal style. | GQ

“I also think the industry should make sure they are selecting the influencers, both macro and micro, who are truly informed, have paid their dues and have genuine and engaged followings. Do your research.” | WWD

Here’s the explanation I’ve been looking for about NYC forcing Prada to undergo diversity training. | Refinery29

Ditch the sequins. | The Guardian

Eco-friendly Oscar outfits. | Hollywood Reporter

Buying expensive stuff doesn’t make us happy, research shows. | Fast Company

Ethical engagement rings are becoming more popular. | Bloomberg

The history of  (wasteful) wire hangers. | Vox

We don’t know how much product brands are destroying. | DW

I guess the Brits call swapping “swishing”? | Refinery29

Shopping platforms are trying to standardize what sustainable means, to mixed results. | Vogue Business

Is made to order the new sustainable solution? | Glossy

EcoAge and Livia Firth released a documentary about Botswana diamonds the same week as this fascinating piece on the same topic came out. Don’t worry, it’s actually a positive story! | EcoAge + New Yorker

A case study on brand transparency  – how do you do it right? | Business of Fashion

Sneakers should be repairable. | Footwear News

Dead white man’s clothes.

The EU partially suspended Cambodia’s trading privileges because of human rights violations. | EcoTextile News

61% of consumers believe saving the planet is their personal responsibility, but will only buy a more sustainable product if it’s the more affordable, more convenient, and higher quality choice. Otherwise, screw it. | ING white paper

Brands Doing Things

Burberry is doing something called carbon insetting. | Edie

Nike released a more sustainable collection called Move to Zero and its Olympic uniforms will be eco too. | Hypebeast, Fast Company

Nordstrom’s new store in NYC has a fancy thrift shop inside. | Bloomberg

H&M backed a campaign against PFAS chemicals. | Ecotextile News

Lee is launching compostable denim. Wait, does anyone I know even wear Lee jeans? | EcoTextile News

Plastic Watch

Legislation called the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act has been introduced to Congress and I am here for it! | Waste Dive

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