I'm about to run out of my Optimist Co. all-purpose cleaner and my apartment is about to smell less sweet because of it. Time to restock!

I’m about to run out of my Optimist Co. all-purpose cleaner and my apartment is about to smell less sweet because of it. Time to restock!

I told mindbodygreen my favorite NYC restaurant and comfort food dish along with other NYC wellness leaders. Dig in! | mindbodygreen

The Holidays

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Vegan accessories made with PVC aren’t sustainable at all. But Nichole did a roundup of vegan and PVC-free accessories. | Green or Die

Really into this luxe (and ethical) gold version of a cowry shell necklace. | Saiint Sisters 

A little hurt they didn’t include all my resources in this article dispelling myths around sustainable fashion… | Chalkboard Mag

This browser extension suggests ethical alternatives for conventional brands. | Fast Coexist 

Earlier this year I spent a whole day at a Teen Vogue shoot (the pictures were never published, which is probably for the best, Teen Vogue put me in some unsustainable, weird fashion) and I was seated next to Lily Kwong, landscape designer and model. And now she’s got a new collab with Maiyet. | Garden Collage


Three years ago I wrote about Natural American Spirit cigarettes and how weird it was that they’re organic. It’s sort of bizarre to read a (really good) deep dive and realize the author used your blog as preliminary research. | Blendle


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Companies can try to stop worker exploitation, but until we address the root causes like poverty, their commitments are powerless. | Grist

They pitch this dip as a recovery dip for the holidays, but I’ll be making it for myself to recover from my appendectomy. | Chalkboard Mag


Our tiny apartment tends to smell like whatever the last thing that happened (bacon, incense or – unfortunately – cat poop). Next time I know I have visitors, I’m putting a pot of fall scents on the stove to simmer. | Hello Glow

I don’t have a double boiler, but now I know how I can use my slow cooker to make candles. | Hello Glow 


Eco travel blogger Valeria has put together a Bali retreat for this time next year, and I really want to go. It’s one of my favorite places! | Water Thru Skin

Maybe instead of yoga for my next retreat, I’ll try forest bathing. | Rodale’s Organic Life

Puerto Rico on your to-visit list? This guide has all the sustainable spots to hit. | Eco-Chick


This mini-doc about an indigenous people’s fight against drilling in Alaska made me tear up. | Patagonia

There’s a humpback in the Hudson River – a sign that our cleanup efforts are working. | NY Times

Buddhist economics say: “It is not wealth that stands in the way of liberation but the attachment to wealth; not the enjoyment of pleasurable things but the craving for them.” | Brain Pickings (h/t Reading My Tea Leaves)

New York

There’s a new restaurant that serves everything in mason jars, including takeout. | Well + Good