The nightmare continues this week. But it’s good it’s still a nightmare. As soon as we start thinking all of this is normal, that’s when this becomes a certified autocracy. Stay mad. Stay shocked. Stay horrified. Stay safe.


Nichole’s 5-step plan for the Trump presidency is on point. | Green or Die

Make yourself heard. It’s the most powerful thing you can do right now. | Reading My Tea Leaves


Is shopping online more or less eco-friendly than going to the store? | Honestly Modern

COP 22 should be thinking about fashion. | Fast Coexist


So, flower elixirs. I’m really into this idea! | Ni Hao New York 

Turns out, turning vacations into wellness retreats is the most American of activities. | NY Times


“I have a lot of people in my life and they won’t talk to me anymore because they think I’m a sellout,” Park says. “I don’t have the luxury of pretending that screaming at people is helping animals. I grew up.” | Quartz


I love the concept of hygge, and this guide to hygge-ing up your home! | Eluxe Magazine


I love the idea of foraging for a wedding crown or centerpieces. But you don’t want to take it too far! Here’s how to responsibly forage on your wedding day. | Black Sheep Bride


We can fight the racism and misogyny, but we need to come together with the other side over environmentalism. | Tortoise & Lady Grey

The best summary of #DAPL I’ve read so far, and why it represents the struggle of our time. | Daily Beast

Bill McKibben is adamant: The warming planet cannot afford a Trump presidency. | Democracy Now

A great roundup of what we can expect environmentally from the Trump administration. | NY Times

A fascinating account of the global recycling and junkyard economy. | Sustainability in Style

Facebook is partly responsible for the mess we’re in. How are they going to fix it? | The Atlantic

With Trump as president, China will be a climate leader. CHINA. | Quartz

Stay angry. | The Washington Post (A note on this link: It’s from Blendle, a service that collects the best journalism around and puts it in a newsletter, and asks you pay around $0.20 for each read. There’s a money back guarantee. And if you’re like, meh. don’t want to pay, let me tell you something. Journalism is crucial for the next for years. Without good journalism, Trump and his cronies will do whatever they want. So if you care about supporting the environment, religious freedom, minorities, and women, sign up for Blendle and pay the $0.20. Thanks.

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