Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Weekend Reading: Is 2019 the Year We Turn Away from Fast Fashion?

Hello from Hanoi, Vietnam! I wanted to come here to find out what Vietnam is doing right when it comes to fashion manufacturing –– check out my stories for a tour of an eco-friendly denim factory. There is something about this country that is different. I have theories, but I'm still exploring for now... in any case, you should put this country at the top of your to-visit list. We adore it.

This is our final stop on our international tour before we head back to the U.S. We are going to the West Coast to see my family, then to L.A. for an exciting potential partnership for me, then I'm going back to Phoenix to cover the zero waste Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament, and finally home to New York City!

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