Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: I Think the World Might Actually Be Ending

Hello readers!

This week I shared my tips with Complex on shopping for fashion – and denim – sustainably and thoughtfully. 

And I sat on a roundtable on the BBC World Service and examined why consumers say they want to buy sustainably, but they don’t.

I also talked to Sourcing Journal (I link to them a lot here, so you know I have a lot of R-E-S-P-E-C-T for them) about why millennials aren’t actually buying as much sustainable fashion as they say they want to. 

I’m a part of the Impact Travel Alliance, a global community of changemakers who want to make a difference through travel. And they quoted me in their latest publication on “Bringing Sustainable Travel to the Masses.”

And also, a friend posted this on Instagram and I was dying laughing watching it!


This clothing company is making its factory wages public. | Fast Company

And Levi’s is really gunning to cut its carbon footprint. | Fast Company

Disposable hangers are as bad for the environment as straws, it turns out. | Sourcing Journal

Walmart is reportedly launching an Everlane-like brand. LOL. I Quartz

More and more retailers are buying back their clothing for resale and recycling. | Forbes

Allbirds has released flip-flips made of sugar, and is also releasing its formula for other companies to use. | The Current Daily


The lawsuits are coming for Monsanto. | BBC 

Peer pressure can make Americans eat less meat. (Whispers: Keep going!) | Pacific Standard

But then again, China. | Undark


Sometimes living in a tiny home sucks.Going Zero Waste


I absolutely adore Amsterdam, but it’s turning into a tourist amusement park. | The Guardian 

Trashpacking! | Southeast Asia Backpacker

Are we still allowed to like Bali, when it’s so utterly trashed? | Midnight Blue Elephant

Let’s Be Real

We’re fucked…. | New York Magazine

…hothouse earth is coming…Metro

….and nobody cares. Because it’s bad for ratings. | The Economist

Science alone can’t save the earth. People have to do that. | NY Times

Is Plastic Free July actually effective?Sustaining Life

Speaking of, here’s the organizations working to fix the ocean plastic problem. In other words: donate! | Forbes

In the latest edition of “Globalization makes assholes of all of us…” | Sapiens 

This story was sad but also incredibly hopeful. It’s about a coastal community that is successfully retreating from a rising ocean. | Scientific American

Piling on with your moral outrage can backfire. | Pacific Standard

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