Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: How to Make Sustainable Fashion That People Will Actually Buy

Hi readers,

It’s been a busy few weeks, during which time I let you go a bit too long without your reading. Sorry!

First, there’s a new climate-focused magazine tht just launched called Atmos. I was like, “Sure, I’ll check it out,” fully prepared to be bored. Readers, it is amazing. Think gallery-level photography and graphic design, paired with New York Magazine-level writing about fashion, technology and more. I read the whole thing in one weekend day. It’s a must for your coffee table and edification. Order here.

I was quite honored to be featured by the emerging ethical brand Pause. on their website, answering questions on where I see the sustainable fashion industry going. Their one-sleeve cotton shirt that I’m wearing in the interview will be in heavy rotation this summer while I try to conquer the world! I also was so thrilled to be featured in a video on the new site The Planet Shine, which highlights inspiring people doing something to help the planet. Make sure to look through all the Lifestyle videos — I have some friends in there and they are a dose of much-needed fresh air!

I talked to Permanent Style about whether lovers of bespoke, luxury men’s fashion are dressing sustainably.

I wrote a thing for The Goods by Vox on how the work of reducing our waste and plastic usage seems to disproportionately fall on (already quite stressed) women. Why?

Sustainable Style News

The new Pulse of the Fashion Industry report is out. It says that progress has slowed, and also that a third of consumers have switched away from brands that aren’t doing anything on the environment or ethics. | Global Fashion Agenda

The world’s most transparent fashion brands are... | The Guardian 

Amour Vert has a new CEO: a man who comes from Gap and Anthropologie. This should be interesting. | Forbes

How to make sustainable fashion people will actually buy. | Veja 

The fascinating history of Tyrian purple, why it was only for royals, and how it’s been traditionally harvested in Mexico. (That is dedication.) | The Believer

Why Stella McCartney doesn’t use sequins. | Vogue UK

Are these eco-friendly clothing brands the real deal? | Grist

Huge amounts of gold are being smuggled out of African countries to the UAE, which means these countries are not getting their taxes due. | Reuters


Can real leather ever be green?Vogue Business

When did vegan leather get so good?Refinery29

Garment Workers

This video game teaches garment workers digital skills. | Mashable

To help fashion’s homeworkers, first we have to count them. | BoF

Can fast fashion ever be ethical?H&M


Research shows that sunscreen chemicals do enter your bloodstream. Whether they are actually toxic? That’s the next step in research. | Wired

Dye houses are cleaning up their act. | Vogue Business 

Fashion Waste

“Biodegradable” shopping bags could still carry groceries home after three years of being buried. | National Geographic

The French government wants to ban the practice of burning unsold clothing. | Fashion Law Blog

Can recycling fix fashion’s landfill problem? Business of Fashion 

When your uncle is texting you a picture of articles about sustainable fashion from the NY Times, you know the topic has hit the mainstream. This one is about (kind of) biodegradable fashion. | NY Times

Cultural Appropriation

If the cultural appropriation argument doesn’t convince you to stop burning them, then the fact that sage and palo santo are both overharvested should. | Leotie Lovely

The beauty of cultural appropriation. | NY Times

The Business of Blogging

The history of the influencer. | New Yorker

Blogging is dead. Long live blogging. | Vox

The Instagram aesthetic is over. (Thank God.) | The Atlantic

Time to Freak Out

You can’t be an environmentalist if…Medium

This isn’t fashion, but it feels irresponsible not to mention that scientists are sounding the alarm: humanity is killing off biodiversity at an unprecedented rate.NY Times 

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