Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: Here’s the Data on Whether Consumers Care About Fashion’s Sustainability

Hi readers,

Yes, I know my postings here have slowed down a lot. I’ve been completely wrapped up in doing three research-heavy freelance articles for one publication. But those are in to the editor, so I can focus on EcoCult again for the next week.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that drumroll… EcoCult got reached 1 million readers in the 12 months before June! (I’m telling you now because I blew right past that milestone without noticing.) Not 1 million pageviews, 1 million readers. Unique individuals looking for trustworthy information on sustainable fashion! Broken down a bit further, more than 4,000 people now visit EcoCult each day. I’m incredibly grateful that this topic, which was ignored for so long, is gaining so much traction. And I’m honored to be your point source for learning.

Weirdly enough, my traffic is continuing to go up despite my putting zero effort into Instagram. It’s almost as if… (whispers) Instagram doesn’t matter. Don’t tell anyone I told you that, because I think it would make a lot of people upset, because they’ve invested so much time into it and hang so much of their identity on it. They might be as upset as the time I tell told them that conscious consumerism is a lie. But if you want to know more, scroll down and read the essay by Tavi on her journey from being a blogger to an editor to an influencer, and what it did to her mental health and happiness. She basically wrote what has been floating around in my (less successful, obviously) brain.

Meanwhile, I wrote another thing for the renewable energy provider Arcadia Power on how you can join the circular fashion economy now (even though we’re not yet actually recycling our clothing end to end.)

And Harper’s Bazaar did a deep dive on the sustainability of fur (super interesting) and name-checked me, while Parade asked me to explain this whole “slow fashion” thing, and Reuters interviewed me on the topic of sustainable fashion. K, that’s it! On to other people’s awesome work.

Sustainable Fashion News

Much has been said about Forever 21’s bankruptcy this week. Connie Wang simultaneously pointed out that young shoppers are more moral and savvy than they were when she was a teen, but also, her socially conscious sister who shopped at Forever 21 was proof that we can’t rely on shoppers to vote with their wallets, especially low-income and marginalized Americans. Elizabeth Cline points out that we’re buying as much fast fashion as ever, just in the privacy of our own homes.

How to buy clothes that are built to last. |  The New York Times

Customers want sustainable denim. | Vogue Business (You too? Here you go!)

Why most of your old t-shirts are destined for the landfill. | Wall Street Journal

Do not wash your clothing on delicate! | The Guardian 

Fashion is killing us! Also, let’s party! | The Current Daily

Can fashion go 100% carbon neutral?Vogue Business

Amazon is copying Allbirds now. What they haven’t figured out is that people buy Allbirds for the sustainability cred, not necessarily because they look that good. But I’m sure there are some striving idiots who want to look like tech bros and don’t get it? | Quartz

Will Gen Z pay more for locally-sourced and sustainable products? Here’s what the data says. | Sourcing Journal

Half of UK consumers have no idea with fast fashion is doing to the planet. | Sourcing Journal

And consumers also think that it’s not their responsibility to drive sustainability forward. | Just-Style

Brands Doing Things

New Balance and Reformation made an eco-friendly sneaker together. | Refinery29

Can Stella McCartney make faux fur sustainable? | Vogue Business

Veja debuted a so-called “post-petroleum” shoe, but… it has synthetics in it? | Wired

Big Ideas

“The argument that to address this requires changes in personal behavior so that the market is forced to respond has not worked.” | The New York Times

Consumers want to shop sustainably but given that 44% of respondents didn’t realize plastic water bottles start their life as crude oil, and 11% of millennial respondents didn’t even know that gas is made from crude oil, it will be a long, long time until we get to the point where consumers understand what makes sustainable fashion sustainable. Maybe we should ask the experts for help? No? | Fast Company 

Influencers Influencing

“Any sense of obligation I feel toward sharing myself on Instagram is more out of a fear of being forgotten or of missing out on the opportunities granted to those with strong personal brands. But not wanting to keep up a personal brand is part of why I folded Rookie. Not paying attention to numbers is why I could enjoy it as a passion project for so many years. When the thought that I need to get back into the game grips me, I refocus on my work. Being paid to write and perform is what I wanted this whole time.” Tavi’s thoughtful treatise on how she got sucked into Instagram and then managed to break free. It sounds so familiar… | The Cut

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