The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: the Health Department Doesn’t Want You to Panic, but…

Hey readers, I’m in the Dominican Republic for the next five days, checking out its natural wonders. Follow along on Instagram!

The two other founders of the Ethical Writers Coalition and I shared the why and how of our group, plus why ethical bloggers are so much better to work with! | Rank & File Mag

For International Women’s Day, I and other wellness leaders shared a woman that we look up to. | mindbodygreen


I have so much respect for Emma Watson, who shows that you can be serious, sustainable, smart and sexy at the same time. | Vanity Fair

I missed this panel on how Trump will affect the fashion industry, but luckily they recorded it. SO interesting. | BF + DA

“We like to think we still live in a world where clothing is scarce and expensive and we are donating to someone in need. Please.” | BF+DA

Why sustainable fashion girls are into linen. | Tortoise & Lady Grey 

If sustainable fashion seems out of your budget, these 6 hacks will help you pick up better clothing for less. | Peaceful Dumpling

Was your favorite feminist t-shirt made in a sweatshop? | Broadly

Why is it so hard to make the fashion supply chain ethical? | Raconteur

A couple interesting ways to incentivize sustainable and ethical fashion. | Forbes


About green beauty: Do our products need to work as well as conventional, toxic products? Do you really want to look like a Barbie Doll? | Honestly Modern

The Health Department didn’t want to cause a panic by releasing this report on cell phones. I’m panicking. | SF Chronicle

This super comprehensive guide to a zero waste bathroom is impressive and got me to think about my own routine! | Wasted


Relax! Gluten may not be the nutritional enemy we thought it was. | Peaceful Dumpling

What, exactly, is biodynamic farming, and is it better than organic? | The Guardian


5 ways house plants make you physically and mentally healthier. | Garden Collage


Here’s how to effectively protest. | NY Mag


“Everybody is all about community. My favorite thing to do there is get together with like minded people as a community, call ourselves a community, and then talk about how we can build more community. It’s basically like Boulder is a giant cult, only it’s different because everyone is free their to think that their free thinkers. But it’s also exactly like a cult. | Ultra Spiritual Life 

New York

Here’s what happens to the compost you bring to the farmer’s market. | Garden Collage

That’s just racist. | The Guardian

NYC was filled with deadly smog and sewage before the EPA existed. | NY Times

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