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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Has the Definition of Cultural Appropriation Spread Out Too Far?

Hi readers!

I’m writing this to you the night before we leave for Morocco. We’re meeting up with my mom there, making good on a promise I made her that if we were going to leave for a year, she could pick a place she wanted to go that was sort of en route and we would meet her there. Any sustainable and ethical recommendations? Please comment below!


A shoe worn by Namibian farmers is trendy. | Quartz

I couldn’t get over the gorgeous costumes of these vanishing Vietnamese tribes. | Post Magazine

She wants her clothes back. | Washington Post

Burberry will stop burning unsold clothing. | The Guardian 

Has the definition of cultural appropriation spread out too far? | Wall Street Journal


I didn’t know this, but Anthony Bourdain was even feeling icky about over-tourism. | Quartz

How tourists are destroying the places they love. | Spiegel Online

How photography exploits the vulnerable. | NY Times

How the rise of outdoor influencers is affecting the environment. | Racked


A shellfish diet might be even better than going vegan. | Grist

Maybe your UTI is from bad chicken. | Mother Jones


The sustainable bathroom accessory that is growing on me… | Futurism

How a zero waste blogger makes money. | Indy Green

Big Ideas

Why conscious consumers need to understand “shareholder value.” (Because it’s ruining everything and we need to stop it.) | Harvard Business Review

These “change agents” are just enabling inequality. | NY Times

Beware rich people who say they want to change the world. | NY Times

And this podcast interview blew my mind wide open. | Ezra Klein show 

Trump’s biggest crime isn’t being covered by the mainstream media. | The Nation

Plastic Watch

The infuriating story of the plastic bag. | Topic

More than 300 turtles were found dead, tangled in a fishing net off of Mexico’s coast. | Unilad

Take Action

Help a innovative company that lets you tip garment worker who made your clothing directly by contributing to their campaign so they can relocate from Nicaragua, which is experiencing civil unrest. | Tip4Good

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