Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: What About Forever21?

I had a wonderful talk with Chris Reese and Helen Hillix of Inner Revolutionary Radio. They asked some incredibly thoughtful questions, and connected the dots between my work and empathy and capitalism.

My activism has been rubbing off on my husband. He creates a mix he’s calling “Soundtrack to the Resistance,” featuring a heady mixture of political commentary and speeches, a dystopian sample from an immigration march, and even a song created using the sound of melting glaciers. Give it a listen and get inspired. 


This H&M dress for the Met Gala is gorgeous. Luckily, you can bid for it, with the proceeds going to Girl Up. | Who What Wear 

Forever 21 does not give a shit. | Glossy

Stella McCartney is giving us some clever tricks (say that in a British accent) on making your clothes last longer. | Refinery29

Is it time for the Garment District to give up and move? | City Limits

Everything we know about sweatshops is wrong. | NY Times

“For Siegle, a few of us shopping in a slightly more thoughtful way on the high street will not change much. Her strategies as a campaigner are radical and systematic: she is working with lawyers to find a legal remedy to improve garment workers’ lives.” | The Guardian 


Your milk might not be organic. | Washington Post

Scientists have discovered a worm that eats plastic. | Quartz

Thoughtful omnivorism is better than thoughtless vegetarianism. | Rodale’s Organic Life

I Support

The new nonprofit Oceanic “taps into universal passions of art, music and emerge tech to educate individuals on issues impacting our oceans and provide them with solutions for driving positive change.” In other words, if you like pretty electronic music and art (like I do), then you’ll love Oceanic initiatives, which marry the two. They’re planning a festival in Ibiza this summer and it’s on my to-visit list!

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