Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: My Favorite New Trend

I’m big in Canada, apparently. I was back on Canada’s CBC Vancouver talking about what consumers can do when they find out chickens are being horrifically abused. And above is an outtake from an interview I did with a new show on the Karma Network about living and doing well by Lucy J. Norris. I was telling her about how I made our wedding sustainable and thoughtful. That’s coming out at the end of the summer – stay tuned!


How convenient! An eco-friendly fashion trend of which I already own four. And you can pick one up for yourself for just a few dollars. | Racked

Surprise surprise, Ivanka Trump’s working woman advice doesn’t do shit for the garment workers in the factory making her clothes. | The Guardian

Is your clothing toxic? | goop

The ugly problem of pretty packaging. Racked 

This professor makes a good point about moving beyond personal consumption to collective action. But who is she reading that is telling people that to shop ethically they need to go to Barney’s?? | Jacobin


Conspicuous consumption is out. Education and organic food is in. | Aeon 

Amazon is buying Whole Foods.Forbes


GOOP’s conference peddles wellness to rich white ladies who are already well. | The Guardian 


Most of the plastic in the ocean comes from Asia. Only 1% comes from North and Central America. | Quartz

Wait, why do you believe that? | The Establishment

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