Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: Fast Fashion Might Make the Secondhand Clothing Economy Collapse


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Excited about this one! -> Fast fashion might make the whole secondhand clothing system topple over. | Newsweek

Here’s a super cute way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our national parks! | mindbodygreen


Your “Made in Italy” shoe might actually be made in deplorable conditions in Macedonia or Albania. | Ecouterre

Does Nike’s Girl Effect apply to the girls working in its own factories? | Slate

Here are 5 super simple sustainable underwear brands. | NY times

Mara Hoffman is going sustainable! | Vogue

The struggle of not judging your friends who buy fast fashion. | Medium

H&M’s Global Change Award is open to submissions as of yesterday. They’re looking for “game-changing ideas that can make fashion circular.” | H&M


Tricia has a series called World Wide Women where she interviews green bloggers from all over the world. Dropping you in on the third edition with Nic in Stockholm. | Ni Hao New York

Actually, beauty companies can do whatever the F they want: poison, offend, rip-off customers…we are powerless to stop them. | Racked


Humanely raised meat tastes better, but not for the reason you think. | Quartz

Maybe fasting is the healthiest diet of all? | Mother Jones

The most exclusive restaurant you never heard of, which serves backyard-to-table cuisine, is probably fake. | New Yorker


Holly is putting my Costa Rica adventures to shame with hers. Hitchhiking, surfing, eating at organic restaurants they just stumbled upon … teach me your secrets! | Leotie Lovely

Next stop for a sustainable tropical vacation: Dominica. | Eluxe Magazine

Big Ideas

How charities are making you give to causes you don’t actually believe in. | Fast CoExist

Climate change could cost our generation more than student debt or the Recession. | Grist

Here’s another ethical blogger talking about why we should be paid for our work! | Eco Warrior Princess

New York

I was walking through SoHo yesterday and did a double take when I walked past this new store, 97. Turns out the fact that they carry some of my favorite brands is no coincidence – they’re purposely stocking conscious brands!

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