The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Everything We Knew About Non-Toxic Beauty Might Be Wrong

Hello from Panama!

We just got back from our days deep in the jungle at the eco village Kalu Yala. I have much to say about it, but I must gather my thoughts. In the meantime, here is all the juicy news from the world of sustainability:


The fashion label GANT, which has some sustainable pieces like organic cotton sweatshirts and lyocell blouses, announced a partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance this week. They’re starting with helping Riverkeeper expand their plastic collections in Costa Rica. | EcoCult inbox

Knitted sneakers (and consumers’ love of natural materials) are fueling the record high price of wool. | The Business of Fashion

In just four days, top fashion CEOs earn a garment worker’s lifetime pay. | Quartz

How responsible is your cashmere, really? | Fashionista

Kering and H&M were crowned the most sustainable fashion firms. | Retail Gazette 

Why people forget that their jeans were made with child labor. | Moneyish


Tara Nolan at The Conscious Connoisseur wrote about 8 eco-conscious destinations for mindbodygreen, and she was nice enough to include my recommendation to visit Oaxaca! | mindbodygreen 

Don’t you dare show up in a developing country and ask for handouts. It’s not clever or cool. | Quartz

Hong Kong is shutting down its ivory market! | National Geographic

What is “overtourism,” and how do you combat it as a traveler? | Epicure & Culture


Large beauty companies are buying up eco deodorant brands. Schmidt’s is now part of Unilever. How do you feel about that? | Racked

Is there snake oil in beauty? Yes. But also, some ingredients really do work and make us feel better and look younger. | Racked

Real talk on “chemicals” in beauty products. | Lab Muffin

Holly is reconsidering what she knew about greenwashing. | Leotie Lovely

Big Ideas

I got my mind blown by this synthesis of the two main schools of thought on environmentalism. So, what are you: a wizard or a prophet? | Pacific Standard

Farmland could be used to drastically reduce our emissions. What are we waiting for! | Quartz

A really deep discussion by a non-vegan of the philosophy of using animals. | Quartz

The most interesting part of this article on Zoe Deschanel’s pseudoscience tendencies, for me, is the part where researchers say it’s more important for low-income people to eat any vegetables at all, than to try to avoid pesticides. | Undark 

This article covers several ways in which the Left is guilty of unscientific dogma. While she doesn’t cover environmental issues, I would add GMOs and animal rights as two areas where progressives are resistant to facts. | Quartz

I Support

I can’t throw enough support behind this documentary trying to save Tulum. I donated. If you have ever been to Tulum or want to go, you should, too.

How to become a plant whisperer: sign up for Summer Rayne Oakes masterclass in growing indoor plants. It will teach you how to have a jungle in your apartment!

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