The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Do Your Healing Crystals Have Child-Labor Vibes?

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I’m writing this at the tail end of a nourishing yoga retreat in the countryside of Portugal. Keep a look out for my review in the next couple of weeks! Yesterday, Kamea Chayne released her latest episode of her Green Dreamers podcast, an interview with me. She’s an amazing podcast host, you’ll love listening to her soothing voice!


Surprise, consumers care more about fit and style than sustainability. | Sourcing Journal

This is the most nuanced and interesting story on the effect of secondhand fashion on East African countries that I’ve read. | Washington Post

In the Democratic Republic of Congo children as young as seven work the mines, and cobalt and copper mines in the country’s Katanga region are rich in minerals like tourmaline, amethyst, citrine, blue and smoky quartz—all coveted by healing crystal sellers. I The New Republic 

The problem with the term “ethical fashion.”Forbes

I didn’t know you could get such a rainbow of colors from food waste! | Craftsmanship Quarterly


I really feel the need to comment on this article, as it’s being talked about in the environmental community. It’s not really saying anything new: cut beef out of your diet and you’ll drastically reduce your environmental impact. It also shows that eating eggs and fish has a tiny fraction of the impact of beef. And a separate study that came out last week showed that (for men, anyway) protein from eggs and fish are not associated with increased risk of heart failure, unlike animal protein, dairy, and even too much plant protein. So: eat plants, eggs, and fish, and avoid sugar and processed foods, and you should be ok!

Actually, not all processed food is bad. | Wall Street Journal via Blendle. Blendle delivers the best quality news for a few cents an article. It’s a great way to support important journalism! 

Antibiotics in meat could be damaging our guts. | NY Times Op-Ed

The EWG’s “Dirty Dozen” is B.S. | The Outline


Apps that will help you travel more sustainably. | Green Suitcase Travel

Let mountain lions eat horses. | NY Times Op-Ed

Plastic Watch

Everyone is banning straws these days, it seems. | NPR

But this disabilities advocate doesn’t want straws banned – he wants a policy of only giving straws to people who ask for them instituted. | Pacific Standard

Big Ideas

Why CEO activism is bad for everyone. | Quartz

Take Action

Take a pledge for World Meat-Free Week!

Demand Goop Sell Ethically-Sourced Healing Crystals!

Help Save Vulnerable Whale Sharks – Protect their Gulf of Mexico Habitat

Release the Study On Chemical Tainted Water the White House Has Buried!

Trump is Silencing Women’s Healthcare Providers!

Starbucks, Stop Using Plastic Straws

Our Oceans are Choking on Plastic Trash – Urge the EU to End Single-Use Plastic

Protect Ancient and Fragile Deep Sea Corals in the Gulf of Mexico

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