Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: Did Uighur Slave Labor Make Your Clothes?

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Remember when I went out to speak at an event in San Francisco by Brightly? Well, their Good Together podcast is now in the top 150 podcasts in the United States and number 5 in the Leisure category. They invited me to help with their year-end review, and we had so much to talk about they split it into two parts! Here’s part one. I’ll link to the second when it comes out!

Sustainable Fashion

What’s going on right now in China with the Uighur minority is such a flagrant violation of human rights — and fashion is now involved. | Foreign Policy

The fur industry is not going down without a fight. | Vogue Business

The one company trying to deal with fashion’s waste in NYC. | The New York Times

We might have massively underestimated the amount of microplastics in the ocean. | EcoTextile News

Sustainable fashion explained. | Harpers Bazaar

These are just anecdotes, but you really can glean some insights from these conversations with garments workers around the world. Two countries from which I wish they had interviewed workers: Turkey and China. | The New York Times

This guy argues that individual actions are important. | Ensia

Maybe we can hold greenwashing companies accountable for their lies, with this strategy. | Quartz

Shocking, just SHOCKING, that Fashion Nova employs sweatshop labor… in the United States. | The New York Times

The rise of ecolabelling. | Vogue Business

A puffer coat stuffed with petals… ok? | Vogue

The best thing you can do is just not buy any more new stuff, so says a secondhand expert. | NPR

This woman takes unsold stock, sews her own label in, and… voila! She sells it. | Asia Review

A deadly backpack factory fire in India killed 43 workers. No report on who they manufactured for. | Al Jazeera

The Washington Post’s podcast tackles sustainable fashion.Post Reports

A takedown of the morality of renting everything instead of buying it. | The Baffler


Shampoo packaged in bottles made of soap. Just a concept… for now. | Kottke

It takes science to report on beauty and wellness, or else you’ll fall for any claim. | Open Notebook

Big Ideas

We could actually do this. The tools are there. An incredibly inspiring episode of the Ezra Klein podcast.

The straw ban is annoying. But we need more legislation like it. | Vox

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