Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: The Debate Over Conscious Consumerism Rages On

Bees Wrap review
Got sent this Bee’s Wrap to review and love it! It smells like honey, looks cute, is washable AND compostable. Totally takes away the need to use saran wrap and aluminum foil for food storage. I mean, we can’t put EVERYTHING in a mason jar. I’ve tried.

Hi readers! I’ve had a crazy past couple of weeks. Here I am talking on Canadian radio about conscious consumerism! (Quick listen.) And here I am talking on a Dallas NPR show about conscious consumerism! (Long listen.) And a vlogger (who I know and respect!) did a response video to my article on conscious consumerism, mostly because her followers wouldn’t leave her alone about it and demanded a response. I agree with some of it, and disagree with other parts. But obviously, if I’m sharing it here, I’m not salty about it. (I did float the idea of getting into a faux catfight to pump up our numbers, but sadly she did not take the bait.)

I’m traveling to Amsterdam next week and Stockholm the week after to do some sustainable fashion things with smart people. Any tips for me on Stockholm? (Amsterdam I’ve done before!) Say, does anyone want to sponsor me for a trip to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit? I’m invited but it’s a little bit out of my budget to head back over there again, but I really want to go.

Hmmm, maybe I should overstay my visa when I’m in the nordic countries and just immigrate. They are, after all, way happier than we Americans, and way more sustainable, too!


A really good article on how Mara Hoffman has been going sustainable. (I just wish they wouldn’t lead with that ^#&@#* fact I debunked a couple weeks ago.) | Fashionista

What is rainforest-free fashion? | Racked

This guide to ethical and sustainable plus-sized fashion really outdoes mine! | Sara Laughed

Is your dress more well traveled than you are? | BBC

This week the Better Than Cash Alliance released a report, Digitizing Wage Payments in Bangladesh’s Garment Production Sector, that shows that moving to digital payments can help save approximately 750 hours of revenue a month and reduce monetary costs by more than 85% within two years of paying workers via a hybrid mobile money/bank account model. And H&M became the first global fashion brand to join the UN-based Better Than Cash Alliance, and will encourage their suppliers to pay workers through mobile money/digital payments. | EcoCult inbox

How ethical and sustainable is Warby Parker? No idea, because they won’t talk. | Project JUST

Vegan leather is far from ethical. | Sydney Morning Herald


Do mud baths actually work? | Racked 


Way to bury the lead on this Roundup-not-carcinogenic story. The last paragraph is the most important. | NY Times


I just registered for my Burning Man tickets, and I’m really into this idea of #playmade for my outfits this year. | Burning Man

Lake Baikal in Russia is struggling with the same problem as Tulum. | NY Times


When there’s an environmental emergency in your state, Trump’s budget would mean the state authorities wouldn’t be able to address it. | NY Times


You can’t be socially progressive and fiscally conservative. It does not work that way. | Quartz

New York

Here’s how to get involved in your local politics and change NYC for the better. | Curbed

I Support

This eco-friendly art project for Governor’s Island. | Kickstarter

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