Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: There Are Chinese-Owned Sweatshops in Italy

I did a quick and easy guide to visiting Oaxaca, Mexico, for my friends at the ethical fashion company MATTER, whose fashionable travel pants were the perfect thing to wear there.

And Regeneration Magazine’s latest issue is on fashion, and they were kind enough to include me in the Instagram accounts to follow. I got a sneak peak of the rest of the magazine and it’s definitely worth ordering a copy for yourself!


Trump’s trade war includes punishing African countries who don’t want our old clothes. | Quartz

The World Bank has earmarked $560 million to improve safety and sustainability in Bangladesh. | Sourcing Journal

Was our Italian-made clothing actually made in a Chinese-owned sweatshop? | The New Yorker

And China is turning Ethiopia into a fast fashion factory. | Bloomberg

H&M’s struggles is actually bad news for sustainable fashion. | LA Times

In a disposable age, luxury is something that is old, worn, and beautiful. | Quartzy

Americans don’t like spending on clothing anymore. | Bloomberg

Beauty & Health

Don’t fall for beauty supplements. Spend your money on good food, instead. | Vox

Skincare is another trap for women. | Vox

It’s also an at-home science experiment.The Atlantic

If you want to be healthier, just be kind to yourself. NY Times

Segregated communities – including white – are subject to more pollution than integrated ones. | NY Times


Creating a sustainable disposable cup is much harder than most people think. | Eater 

Women entrepreneurs: your pitches will be perceived better if you emphasize the positive social impact it has. | HBR

“The original version of [Cowspiracy] claimed 51% of global greenhouse gases were produced by animal agriculture, based on a single, non-peer-reviewed academic paper – the scientific consensus is closer to 15%.

I find the story of the vegan Iranian bodybuilder who shot up YouTube headquarters so interesting, because it shows that any belief can be taken to an extreme. | NY Times

The last conversation you’ll ever need about eating right. | NY Mag

Travel and World

Many exotic pets in your pet store were not captive bred, they’re endangered and were stolen from the wild. | The New York Times

What do do with a few days in Phnom Penh. |  Passions and Places

Getting a traditional Sak Yant tattoo in Thailand is magic. | The Culture Collective

What to do with 48 hours in Reykjavik. |  A Traveling Life

Ocean plastic is even worse than you think: it tends to attracts heavy metals to it. | Pacific Standard

A thoughtful article on how to be a thoughtful traveler. | The Culture Trip

Tulum is an eco nightmare. | DW

Climate Change

Our planet is so fucked, women are deciding not to have children. | Broadly 

Smartphones are fucking up our planet…more than we even thought. | Fast Company

Take Action

Here are some relevant petitions to sign and make your voice heard:

Trump Needs to Fire Scott Pruitt Now! 

Coca-Cola, your plastic waste is choking us!

Save the Northern White Rhino From Extinction!

Trump Wants to Force SNAP Recipients into Unhealthy Food Choices

FEMA, Add ‘Climate Change’ Back To Your Strategic Plan

I get paid a tiny fee if you end up signing up for the newsletters of activist organizations after signing a petition. 

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