Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: Can We Live Well Without Economic Growth?

Hi readers,

Now that I’ve written my opus magnum on why almost every single “fact” you hear about the global fashion industry is wrong, I think I can retire. Just kidding! Of course, there’s still so much work to do. For the next few years, I will be beating the “PLEASE INVEST IN INDEPENDENT, PEER-REVIEWED RESEARCH” drum. It will be my answer to every question posed to me.

“Hey Alden, do you think that we can trust that fashion brand who says –”

“Don’t know. We need peer-reviewed research on that.”

“Do you think fur or faux fur worse for the environment?”

“I don’t know. We need peer-reviewed research on that.”

“Are consumers shopping differently now, since they’re becoming more aware of fashion’s impact?”

“I don’t know. We need peer-reviewed research on that.”

“Why don’t people take the fashion industry seriously?”

“Probably because we have zero peer-reviewed research to back up our claims. And we’re mostly women and people are sexist.”

Sustainable Fashion News

Remake made this video of models giving their tips of being a sustainable fashion consumer.

A small story of success! Fixing the issue of forced labor in garment factories in Malaysia. | Atmos

Watch this UK lawsuit. It could have implications for fast fashion companies who refuse to take responsibility for poverty wages in their supply chain. | Human Rights Watch

When I went to Bangladesh, I visited the denim factory featured in this short BBC documentary on the perils of automation. | BBC

Made-to-order fashion manufacturing is the future. | Vogue Business

Delta agreed to switch out the uniforms that employees complained were making them sick. | Washington Post

The British Retail Consortium laid out rules for vegan fashion labeling: vegan does not equal sustainable, and don’t label things as vegan if, duh, they’re always vegan (like cotton t-shirts). | Sourcing Journal

On cultural appropriation: The key question in the use of symbols or regalia associated with another identity group is not: What are my rights of ownership? Rather it’s: Are my actions disrespectful? | The New York Times

Fast fashion: explained. | Vox

Copenhagen Fashion Week unveiled a sustainability plan. | Fashion United

Nordstrom has a secondhand section! | W Magazine

A close-up look at the secondhand clothing industry in Ghana. | Atmos

Circularity: what does it mean exactly? | Sourcing Journal

There’s technology now that would tag fibers with synthetic DNA so we could track it through the supply chain. | Sourcing Journal

How fashion can avoid blowing up the Paris Agreement. | Vogue Business

Wow, look at this beautiful eco-friendly laundromat. | Architectural Digest

C&A has launched a new foundation to combat climate change. They could start by funding research into fashion’s actual climate impact, IMHO. But, they’re focusing on circular fashion. | Fashion United

Inside the closet of the future. | Business of Fashion

How concerned should we be about synthetic microfibers? And is anyone doing anything about it? | Vogue Business

The fashion industry needs to invest $30 billion a year in fixing its environmental impact. It’s investing a fraction of that. | Business of Fashion

More sustainable fashion competitions! From the European Commission and Vogue Italia + Yoox. | Drapers & WWD

75 percent of Gen Z respondents consider brands more effective than governments in fighting climate change. We’re screwed. | Sourcing Journal

Brands Doing Things

Adidas says more than half its polyester this year will be from recycled sources. | Fashion Network

Sezane now offers sustainable denim. | Zoe Report

Rent the Runway is launching a brand made of sustainable materials. | Business Insider

YKK is now making zippers made from plastic waste from the coast of Sri Lanka. | EcoTextile News

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Fiber House Collective is raising money on Kickstarter and the reward is a DIY floral dying kit!

Beauty & Health Debates

What to think about Gwyneth? | Undark

Plastic Watch

More plastic is coming, whether you bring a reusable bag with you or not. | Wired

Big Ideas

Let’s skip over the #tradwife era of the 1950s and go all the way back to pre-industrial times. We would be happier and more sustainable. | Unherd

“I know their names because they get everything delivered. The packages pile up in the small entryway where there never used to be packages. The old people shop nearby, or else we don’t shop much at all. Now I am always tripping over boxes. Sometimes, I confess, in my hostility, I kick the boxes. Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. Sephora. Vineyard Vines with the smiling, pink, preppy whale. Kick, kick, kick.” | N+1

Can we have prosperity without growth? | New Yorker

As a society, we need to rethink our idea of time. | BBC

How to flip an angry activist to your side: give them a ticket to your party. | Guardian

I was excited that France has a minister focused on fashion’s impact. Then I heard that she still believes fashion is the second most polluting industry. Merde. | The New York Times

I may need to do this soon. | The Guardian

This one is old, but I missed it when it came out. If I could achieve even a percentage point of what Rachel Carson achieved… | New Yorker

Small Brand Corner

Thr3efold has their newest course for small ethical brands out! It will help you find an amazing factory for your product. It’s also hosting two events for NYFW: Fireside Chat with Founders of Nest and Studio 189 on 2/11 and Grow with Google Seminar with special guest Cee Cee’s Closet on 2/13. Come for an evening of inspired conversation about what it actually takes to work with artisans and build a brand that people want. Be inspired by local cult brand Cee Cee’s Closet of how they’ve grown their brand to a million in sales through Google and THR3EFOLD courses. Plus, get training on Google Analytics from GOOGLE themselves.

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