The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Can Fashion Made in Prison Ever Be Considered Ethical?

A garment worker in Bangladesh who is paid a living wage to make high-end bespoke fashion for Bangladesh women, in the Monokrome atelier.

Hey readers,

Happy International Women’s Day! Before you go through this list of reads, pause for a moment and consider how best to commemorate this important day dedicated to uplifting women around the world. If you’re still not sure how besides wearing a feminist t-shirt, go to this post, scroll to the bottom, and click on one of the links I’ve provided to make a donation that supports the education of a marginalized Asian woman. Super easy.

All done? Cool. Here are some reads I’ve collected so that you can snuggle up on the couch and engage in some serious JOMO this weekend.


Journalist Sarah Spellings gave me a shoutout for my research in her article asking how guilty you should feel about wearing leather. | The Cut 

You might be wearing clothing that was finished by an Indian woman working out of her home earning 15 cents an hour. For reference, a living wage in rural India would be more like 60 cents per hour. | NY Times

Cross sapphires off the list now, too. They’re contributing to the extinction of lemurs in Madagascar. | National Geographic

No, global poverty is not decreasing. | The Guardian 

Is that famous skinned-alive anti-fur video from China faked? | WWD

We have to fix fashion if we’re going to survive into the next century. | Fast Company

This story made me simultaneously gag and despair. | Vox

Will Marie Kondo convince consumers to buy less?Grist

Can fashion made in prison ever be considered ethical?NY Times

“In January, J.Crew dropped vegan flip-flops in a broad array of colors.” I’m sorry, but this is literally the most transparent marketing ploy I’ve ever seen. Nobody has ever had a hard time finding vegan flip-flops. | Sourcing Journal 

I’m suspicious of any “biodegradable” plastic packaging that is still just plastic that breaks into little bits faster. | Sourcing Journal

Testing various brands to determine how bad they are in terms of microfibers washing out.  | Plastic Soup Foundation

This video is so beautiful and taught me a lot about craftsmanship. A must watch. | Craftsmanship Quarterly 

61% of leatherworkers in Bangladesh have serious health problems. | Dhaka Tribune 

How sustainable fashion went from the margins to mainstream.Ad Age

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