The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Being Good at Instagram Does Not Make You an Expert on Anything But Influencing

Reusing this photo I took at Whimsy & Row because the founder is so cute, and the store is so cute, and everything is cute! 

Audiobook and podcast lovers! You can now listen to an actress read my article for Craftsmanship Quarterly in which I describe all the hangups I have around animal-free fashion.

I also was interviewed by Global Citizen alongside the NRDC’s Linda Greer on my thoughts around H&M’s new Conscious Collection.

The next biggest buzzword in sustainable fashion is regenerative agriculture. | Fashionista

Also: “emotional durability.” | Greenbiz

Your first steps to building a sustainable brand are… | Business of Fashion

It took air pollution hitting San Francisco to make air masks fashionable. | Vox

South Africa is trying to revive its textile manufacturing. | Sourcing Journal

Is organic dry cleaning actually a thing, or just greenwashing? | Sierra Club

Is the Women-Owned certification a good marketing tactic? | Market Watch

A beautiful profile of longtime zero-waste and sustainable fashion designer and activists Tabitha St. Bernard. | The Frontlash

For some reason, researchers are finding more natural microfibers in waterways than polyester microfibers. | Sourcing Journal

Will investors allow Levi’s to continue focusing on social and environmental issues now that it’s public? | Quartz

I’m going to try visibly mending all my clothing now with gold thread. | Vox

I was so sad when Project JUST shut down. Now Natalie Grillon is back with another ambitious open-source project: to map the entire world’s garment factories. | EcoTextile News

Burberry says it will be plastic-free by 2025. | Retail Gazette

This article is retailer-speak for “The widening wealth gap in the U.S. means only the rich can shop now.” Deloitte ends it by saying the answer is to focus on price, product, and convenience. No. The answer is to save our country from the oligarchy. | Sourcing Journal
Can we pause for a moment to consider how crazy it is that this vegan blogger knew her raw vegan diet was making her sick back in 2014, and continued to sell her ebook up until she was caught eating fish in Bali? And she still thinks that she’ll go back to being vegan. This is a clear example of how being good at Instagram does not mean someone is an expert. Seriously, I’m so over that platform. | Washington Post

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