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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Are You Saying That, Like, Capitalism Is Bad?

Hey readers,

My inbox is positively overflowing with perky pitches from companies who want me to write about their product in honor of Earth Day, which is next week. Actually, that’s not true. I’ve been deleting them without even reading them. So my inbox is pretty free and clear of “Celebrate Earth day with our…” subject lines. Oops, another one just arrived. Sigh.

I say this every year, but every day is Earth Day at EcoCult. And every product on EcoCult is eco-friendly. Last year I threw brands a bone and put together a list of product launches and initiatives, but this year… I’m just exhausted. We need to move on from this paradigm of releasing special organic products with pithy “love your mother” slogans once a year. Many brands have moved on — they’re working on this all year long, and don’t need a holiday to innovate. I mean, I get it. PR will take any opportunity to get more press and if Fox will only cover this shit once a year, fine. But still.

So this year for Earth Day, don’t shop. Advocate. Pick a subject you care about and tell your representative or favorite brand you want something done. It can be single-use plastic, the recyclables crisis, rayon made from endangered rainforests, microfibers, toxic textile finishes, whatever.

Then donate. Pick an advocacy organization and give them money.

Though, if you wanted to enter this amazing sustainable multi-brand giveaway with a donation element to Surfrider, well, I wouldn’t blame you.

And if you’re in NYC, swing by the Earth Love Festival by Oceanic and House of Yes on Sunday to see me have strong opinions on how to live a plastic-free life, especially when it comes to fashion.

Finally, I had an interview with The New Age Nomad Podcast. I’m sorry about the technical difficulties — my voice drops out for a couple seconds here and there, but you can still get all the points I’m trying to make. (If it really bothers you, tell NPR to bring me back in the studio and then it will be perfect!)

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